5 Crystals for Building Strong Relationships

5 Crystals for Building Strong Relationships

Towards the end of the year, we typically begin thinking about and reflecting on all aspects of our lives. One thing we like to reflect on is, of course, our relationships. What do we want to see specifically?

In a perfect world, we want to see beautiful, compassionate, strong relationships. But what if you start taking inventory and find that they could use some fine-tuning?

Don’t panic - we’ve got you covered! 

There are several crystals for love out there - and when we say love, we mean love in any capacity. Romantic love, friendship love, family love. Call it what you want, at the end of the day it’s a relationship, and strong relationships are built on a number of key things. 

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of crystals for relationship issues of all kinds that can help you heal and strengthen your connections at the same time.

Use this article to navigate to the crystal(s) that feel right for you in the current moment. Add them into your daily life, and allow their energy to begin cultivating compassion and trust in your relationships, building them into the strong, committed relationships of your dreams.

Crystals for Relationship Anxiety

Amethyst. Amethyst, a stunning stone that can be found in all shades of sparkly purple, is known to help reduce anxiety and can even help you overcome anxiety attacks naturally. 

This calming crystal relieves anxiety surrounding relationships, allowing you to have the conversations needed and make the necessary changes. This builds strong relationships and improves on areas that can use some attention. 

Try practicing breathing techniques while holding Amethyst in your palm, or wear a piece of Amethyst jewelry to keep its peaceful energy surrounding you.


Sodalite. Sodalite is often called The Stone of Peace, and for good reason! One of the best crystals for relationship anxiety. Sodalite infuses its calm, peaceful essence into any situation where tension is high and emotions are strong. 

Strong relationships are built on mutual understanding and communication. Sodalite is the perfect stone to calm anxiety and emotions so that you can communicate clearly and authentically in your relationship. This prevents you from becoming overwhelmed by what you’re feeling and saying things you don’t exactly mean.

Pretty much all of us know what it’s like to communicate from a place of strong emotion, let’s finally learn what it’s like to communicate from a grounded, calm, and centered place. Reaping the rewards in our relationships is our prize!


Crystals for Trust in a Relationship

Blue Lace Agate. Known as the Stone of Loyalty, you can see where Blue Lace Agate fits in with building trust and strengthening relationships. 

Loyalty implies a strong feeling of support or allegiance from someone, which goes far in creating a strong, trusting relationship. The stronger the trust is between you and your partner, friend, or family member, the stronger your relationship will be. 

Trust is an area that, when improved, has a reverberating effect on other areas of the relationship. This calming, soft blue stone promotes encouragement and support of one another, adding positive elements to your relationship and increasing connection.


Blue Chalcedony. Blue Chalcedony boosts listening and communication skills, kicking the trust up several notches in your relationship. As your communication improves and your trust grows, your relationship strengthens by multitudes. 

This dreamy blue crystal promotes emotional harmony, making it one of the best crystals out there for marriage problems and relationship healing. 

Keep Blue Chalcedony on your body by wearing it in a piece of jewelry, meditate with the stone while focusing on building stronger relationships with the people you love, or keep a crystal in your home to promote clear communication and trust.

Make sure to cleanse and recharge your Blue Chalcedony daily, as it can also absorb negative energy around you. Cleanse your crystals using an Epsom salt bath or by smudging them, and recharge them by leaving them on a windowsill at night underneath the light of the moon.


Crystals for Relationship Healing

Malachite. This bright green, mesmerizing stone encourages spending quality time together, one of the most effective ways to build strong relationships. 

Notice we didn’t just say spending time together, but spending quality time together. This means uninterrupted time where you have each other’s attention and can positively contribute to strengthening your relationship. This happens through open communication, relationship-building activities, or even just some quality rest and relaxation while enjoying each other’s company. 

Malachite also helps men tap into their ability to be vulnerable (yes, for real), making it an essential stone to keep close in couples’ relationships. A guy who can tap deeper into his vulnerability rewards us with more authentic conversations and his ability to be more vocal about his wants and needs.

The stones we explored each hold a different purpose, but all with the same end goal: to strengthen and solidify your friendships, romantic relationships, and family connections through important ways of improving them.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: strong relationships are built on things like communication, trust, quality time, and loyalty, among others. These powerful crystals encourage strengthening each of these areas as a way to strengthen your relationship as a whole. 

Any one of these crystals you choose to bring into your relationship will help you build a solid foundation to flourish and grow from, promoting joy and better quality of life for you both.

When it comes to finding ‘strong relationship tips’, taking a page out of the crystal book might be one of the last things you would think of. But here at Smudge, we know from experience that using crystals to strengthen your relationships can drastically improve your connections with the ones you love. 

Each of these crystals will bring a different energy into your relationship and heal a different part of it, helping you head into the holiday season with some of the strongest relationships you’ve ever had.

Don’t forget to share with us which crystal you’re choosing to work with and why at @SmudgeWellness! We’re so excited for you to enjoy stronger relationships and the incredible rewards that come with them!

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