5 Reasons We Loved Having Our Birth Charts Read

5 Reasons We Loved Having Our Birth Charts Read

Special announcement time! Luigi and I have some exciting news -- just the thing to distract us from quarantine and our ever-increasing hair issues. Not a baby. Or a puppy. Or a new banana bread recipe. (Although let’s agree to manifest at least some of that, k?) We are the proud parents of two brand-spanking new, deeply personal, and definitely mind-blowing birth charts. Cue the confetti cannons! 

For those unfamiliar,  your birth chart is a map of where the planets were in their journey around the sun the moment you were born, from the perspective of the city where you were born. Using only your birthday, the time of birth (the exact minute is important, so consult your birth certificate, baby book, or Mom), and your birth city, your birth chart can tell you a lot about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, as well as specific events and changes that may occur in the year ahead.

There are all sorts of birth chart readings available, anything from a general overview of your life, one focused on love, career, or family, and they can be done in several forms: over the phone, in person (pre-quarantine), or over email. Luigi and I conducted ours with a local astrologer over Zoom. We had a 90 minute reading, with the first hour devoted to a general personal overview and the final thirty minutes devoted to the year ahead. Personal readings can be pricey and there are online versions available, but we personally thought it was worth spending some more to have a 1:1 reading with an experienced astrologer. 

Spoiler alert: we LOVED this process. Even for two non-narcissists (our astrologer confirmed this so…), having 90 minutes dedicated to learning more about what makes us tick was fascinating. It’s the kind of thing that you do and then immediately want to coerce all your friends to do it, too. 

And since we are all buddies, here are the 5 Reasons Why Everybody Needs to Have Their Birth Chart Read:

1. What’s Your Sign? Knowing your sign is just one piece of the puzzle.

Lara: I’ve never felt like a Gemini. Reading my weekly horoscopes always felt a little off to me. I’m social like a Gemini, but prefer a few really close friends; I am intellectually curious, but prefer routine and predictability. Learning about my birth chart revealed that my sign was but one tiny piece of who I am -- there are all sort of other celestial forces in play that have an impact. It’s like learning that I’m not just a red wine -- I’m a 1976 Bordeaux with a one-of-a-kind flavor profile. (um, I know nothing about wine, but you know what I mean: I’m complicated.)  

Luigi: As soon as we dove in, I was in awe! I couldn’t believe this person I had just met actually pinned me down so well, describing my  life as this great cosmic comedy. Immediately touching on the deep sense of  responsibility I have always felt from losing my brother at a young age, to the need to be creative and on a stage, as well as all the other deeply personal characteristics of my personality and life I’ve always felt were polarities I couldn’t resolve. It brought me to tears and at the same time  made me crack the fuck up to think he derived all that just from my birth day, time, and place. Within the first 5 minutes I told myself I was all in. 

2. You Feel Seen -- a birth chart validates who you are … and who you aren’t. 

Lara: There is something truly surreal about a complete stranger who knows only three objective facts about you describing all of your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and desires in great detail. It’s also hugely comforting to hear that somebody -- or more precisely, something as big as the universe -- sees you in the same light. It made me feel like I didn’t need to fight so hard against certain things that are so clearly part of me, and to be more forgiving of certain traits. Apparently it is written in the stars what I’ve felt for four decades: I hate small talk. I’m going to go ahead and skip those cocktail parties.

Luigi: “You are a wave that everyone gets caught up in.” When the astrologer said that to me I think I spit out my oat milk matcha latte. Sometimes people say things to you that stick with you forever. Their words become part of your identity, weaving themselves into your very being. This was def one of those times. More often than not we remember statements like these that hurt (i.e. bullies on playgrounds, disappointed authority figures, etc.). It was so powerful to hear a positive one that struck so deep. Anyway, contemplating getting a tattoo of a wave when this is all over.  The Saggitarius in me is thinking something nice and simple on my lower back. DM me if you approve! 

3. What Are You Bringing to the Table?  -- a birth chart helps you navigate interpersonal relationships.

 Lara: I really enjoyed hearing so much detail about how I interact with the people in my life -- my husband, my friends, and my family. It was an excellent reality check that certain personality traits that I love about myself, such as my need to speak up when I really believe in something, can sometimes appear as aggressive or stubborn depending on the listener (who also has their own unique celestial influences). I might not be able to change certain aspects of who I am, but taking note of how they may result in positive and negative reactions with others can be a really useful tool when communicating and building relationships with others. Note to self: chill out during political discussions. 

Luigi: If you follow me on Instagram (plug: @lu.e.g) you’ll know I recently got engaged (absolutely bragging). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in knowing what the stars had to say about my current relaysh.  It was amazing to hear an explanation for a feeling I’ve always had: the “desire” to be around people and loved ones but never the “need” for a relationship.  I’ve struggled with that balance forever *cue montage of single Luigi*. My need for independence can sometimes come off as anger or isolation to the people that are closest to me. I’ve also learned that that same independence allows me to cut people out real quick *cue montage of ex boyfriends*! I can be my own little island if and when I need to be. It might seem small, but becoming aware of this perspective allows me to be more empathetic to the emotional and physical needs of the people I am in relationship with. We get it, I’m great, people love me, they can’t get enough!

 4. Work It Out  -- a birth chart reveals fascinating truths about your career path 

Lara: I had no idea my birth chart reading would include such details about specific times of opportunity (and potential points of stress) in the year ahead. Mine covered all aspects including love and family, but I really honed in on what it told me about my career and business life in the year ahead. For example, knowing about certain weeks where my creativity would be at full blast and times when I should be emphasizing networking helps me harness how to use my time wisely. (Edited to add: remember to schedule a sick day for July 28th.)  

Luigi: Damn. So much is in flux right now in terms of my job and career. It was relieving to hear concrete times/date ranges/literally anything. In a way, it provided this astrological scaffolding for what I’m choosing to see as a BIG career renovation. Echoing Lara, knowing when to work hard on creative aspects of my career, when to network my ass off, and when to rest (yeah right!) just brought a sense of calm to these unsettling times. FYI there’s a lot of crossover between Lara and my career path. Hmm… wonder what that could possibly mean.

5. A Birth Chart for You and You! Everybody Gets One! -- a birth chart makes an amazing gift 

Lara: I’m always searching for a personal and unique gift that will be considered meaningful and fun. I gave Luigi his reading as a birthday present and, not to pat myself on the back, but I think it really hit all those marks. It can be used by your loved one anywhere in the world and they can schedule it directly with the astrologer. There are cheap versions out there, but having used an experienced astrologer, I can vouch for using somebody who will make the reading feel personal. A good birth chart reading should feel like equal part therapy and magic. Our astrologer sent us a copy of our birth chart in the mail, too, which makes for a lovely keepsake. And, I don’t know, maybe pair it with some lovely Smudge Wellness products? Just a thought!

 Luigi: Not to toot her horn but Lara is probably the best gift giver I know. Not because she is extravagant or showy, but because her gifts are SO thoughtful it makes me sick! LOL. This might be the best gift she’s ever given me. That’s all I’ll say because she already knows all of this and there isn’t room in this company for two people with huge egos. 


Interested in your own birth chart reading? You can get one online at www.cafeastrology.com or DM us for the contact information of the astrologer we consulted with or others we know who offer their services. This isn’t a sponsored post or an ad, or an endorsement of any specific astrologer or website. 



Lara and Luigi 


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