A 3 Card Spread for Balance and Reciprocity

A 3 Card Spread for Balance and Reciprocity

A Space to Reflect - Before Using Tarot Cards

The first thing to keep in mind about using tarot cards as part of the decision making process is that the cards will very rarely tell you something you don’t already know within; rather, the tarot can offer a sort of validation and advice to help you make a decision about a situation. Different spreads are better for highlighting the positive factors of your specific point of interest, as well as the negatives, and can be good for determining which path might be more beneficial or which may have some bumps along the way. In the end, you are in control of whether you make the choice or not. The cards are a mirror into which you can gaze and reflect.

3 Cards For Balance & Reciprocity

Sometimes I like to use a quick 3 card spread to get to the heart of a matter as quickly as possible. Three card spreads are good when you’re trying to see how certain events have led you to the present moment and what you can do, moving forward, to rectify or continue if you like the direction you’re headed. 

1 | Start by focusing on an area of your life you may feel stretched or out of balance.

2 | Shuffle your cards until you’re ready to pull.

3 | Locate the Temperance major arcana card (Card 1)

  • This card represents bringing in more balance, patience and moderation.

4 | The card above Temperance (Card 2)

  • This card represents where/how you might be blocked from experiencing balance.

5 | The card below Temperance (Card 3

  • This card advices on how to incorporate reciprocity in your life, focused area and with the Universe.

Example:  This is a hypothetical issue of a spread for myself for you to use if you get any tricky cards and get stuck on interpreting them. Please use your own discernment and relationship with your cards to get the advice you need. 

Card one

Temperance represents the balance needed in my life regarding focusing on my business.

Card two

The three cups may mean that I am leaning too far towards the good time vibes or spending too much time focused on others. It’s totally important to connect with people and be social, but is this becoming a problem or distraction? (I read it this way because it is a block or imbalance in my life).

Card three

The Tower, albeit an ominous card, might indicate that the way to find balance in this situation is by facing my fears (of change, of failure, of total disaster), instead of avoiding them. The tower brings swift changes and clears our path of things no longer in our highest interest. 

The advice:  Take a deep look at my path up until this point.  Reflect on what fears or limiting beliefs I have and what actions I’ve taken to avoid dealing with them. Finding other things and people to focus my attention on needs to be addressed because change is happening whether I like it or not.  The only constant is change, so I must begin to see change as necessary if I want to experience the successful future I dream of.  Avoiding my fears and distracting myself will never bring the desired outcome I want.  

Note: Pulling another “clarifying” card may help if you’re having trouble piecing two & three together. Trust your intuition and be honest with yourself. 

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