Adventure Energy in Tarot

Adventure Energy in Tarot

Welcome to the tarot corner, how crazy is it that we’re in August, I am definitely feeling the Leo energy.  This month at Smudge we’ll be discussing all things Adventure, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at it under the lens of tarot, as well as the energy adventure brings. This month you will be asked to show up and live in a completely new way --- and who else better to consult on the road ahead than your cards?

Usually when I think of adventure, I’m taken back to the days right before a trip. For me, those days leading up always bring the most charged sense of wonder, excitement and anticipation as I prepare to leave the familiar for the unknown. Or there’s the nostalgia of family trips, returning to my grandmother’s house in Maine during the summer.

What does adventure feel like to you? Those moments in our lives where we close one chapter and move into another -- high school to college, getting married, having children. Beginning a spiritual practice can feel like an adventure, awakening to a new world or perspective.

Friend, tarot, in the context of adventure like a vacation, can be used to find clarity on when to go, a warning on what may happen, or even the kind of trip to take (ocean, desert, or forest type of vibes). Where it gets really interesting is when you use tarot to help navigate the life transition, the phases, the endings and beginnings; the energetics behind the adventure of your life and inner world. 

Major Arcana Cards that scream, ooooh you TRIPPIN!!! Both physical and emotional aspects:

The Fool Card --- Yes can definitely mean a physical journey, but this is a card that asks us to be open to the many possibilities that leaving one situation and into another may contain. This is the beginning of the Tarot, which is all about the growth that happens from experiencing life.

The Tower Card --- Brings the message that things are about to change, or have already, that nothing is going to be the same and you can’t stop it. You are fully presented with a wtf moment, will you be open to the lessons presented, will you be open to seeing this new moment as an adventure. What shadow shows up for you when the unknown is so blatant and in your face?

Cards that speak to the traditional sense of adventure: 

The Chariot --- Everytime I pull this card I think Beyoncé’s “irreplaceable” -- to the left, to the left.  This is a card that says pack your bags, it’s time to move, shift your energy, get out there and do something different because you are now in the driver’s seat. You get to create with action!

The Two of Wands --- This energy is all about literally leaving one place and going to another, could be a job or, country, whatever it is you will be learning a lot about yourself and the world around you. 

The Eight of Cups --- When the eight of cups shows up, it’s a message that everything energetically and emotionally have lined up and are completed. You are ready to move on and to go forward. Usually, something that needs to happen on your own and for your own personal needs. 

Cards that speak to the emotional energies most:

The Magician --- This is a card that asks, how can I be the creator of magic, how can I bring in more adventure, how can I be more free --- we’ll talk more about the Magician this month as well.

The Hermit --- Not typically an adventure card, but again, when you begin the inner journey of self-discovery and insight, the hermit can for sure take you on a trip.

The Moon --- One of mystery, the moon is like a magic carpet ride into the subconscious. Applied to adventure, you may want to start a dream journal, try hypnosis -- anything that gives you deeper insight into your psyche.  

A tarot spread for adventure:   

*Card 1 | Current energy of adventure for me / where should I focus?
*Card 2 | How am I not allowing or blocking adventure?
*Card 3 | What can I do to create more adventure?
*Card 4 | What lesson might I learn?
*Card 5 | How will this expand my perspective / bring me closer to my purpose?

*Deck used is The Modern Witch Tarot --- a favorite at Smudge.

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