Celebrating AAPI Folks in Wellness

Celebrating AAPI Folks in Wellness

In the spirit of this month’s theme of Joy and Hope, we are shining light on some of our favorite AAPI People in Wellness Spaces.  In the last year we have seen some much needed diversifying in who gets spotlighted in Wellness spaces and we are seeing more communities popping up that reflect the diversity of our country.  During this heal week we wanted to spotlight and introduce you to some of our faves to follow.

In alphabetical order:
Known for:
Where to Find Them: (Follow Their Link for more!)

Alita Pear
Founder of Mera Swimwear and PearSpire



Archaa S
Kid-lit expert, Award-winning Author, Yoga teacher










Bani J
Indian fitness model and actress

Bee Shapiro
New York Times beauty columnist and founder of Ellis Brooklyn, a clean luxury fragrance brand Author of "Skin Deep: Women on Skin Care, Makeup, and Looking Their Best".

Beverly Cheng
Fitness Coach

Bianca Venerayan
Yoga/meditation teacher, sound healer, and content creator on mental health, philosophy, and sex positivity.

Cam Lee
Yoga Teacher, Fitness, Health & Wellness Content Creator & Mom












Cynthia Pong
NYU-trained lawyer turned career coach and Founder of Embrace Change

Dev Heyrana

施宇 Eden
Health and wellness influencer in Malaysia and a MYprotein Athlete.

Grace Duong
Artist, Author, Intuitive, Founder & Creator of @mysticmondays












Gretchen Ho
Volleyball player and TV host.

Hana Giang Anh (Hana G)
Health and wellness influencer and YouTuber in Vietnam. Founder of Inspire Boutique Fitness
YouTube channel Hana Giang Anh


Isabelle Mea
Dance Queen

Jasmin Danker
Health and wellness influencer from Singapore. Coach at Core Collective and ambassador of Skinnies Sungel (@skinnies_co), a waterless sun-gel that adapts to the skin tone

Jennifer Lau
Canadian Nike Master Trainer, personal trainer and co-founder of The_RealToronto

Justin Yang
Registered Massage Therapist & Body Worker

Katie Wang
Fitness Instructor

Kelly U
Motivational Speaker & Host of @therapythursday_

Lin Chen
Founder & CEO of @pinkmoon.co

Linda Sun
Fitness Youtuber

Luigi Aldon
Co-Founder of Smudge Wellness

Maria Vania
Fitness influencer

Dr. May
Health and wellness influencer in Thailand and Clinic Doctor.

Meghan Yuri Young
Wellness advocate and facilitator

Michael James Wong
Author, Educator, Meditator

Miya Kishi-Dunets
Sound + music, meditation, yoga healer

Fitness Influencer

Nana Al Haleq
TV host, fitness model and Coach

Olivia (Lee Ga Young)
Yoga instructor and YouTuber from Korea
Youtube olivia__yoga

Praya Lundberg
Actor and Fitness Influencer

Sandra Riley Tang
One quarter of Singaporean band The Sam Willows, co-founder of The Yoga Co in Singapore and fitness influencer

Sara Wee
Front woman of Singaporean band 53A and yoga enthusiast

Solenn Heusaff
Health and Fitness Influencer, Founder and co-creator of Solenn Manila

Yuri Shibuya
Health and wellness influencer in Japan, Fitness Trainer and the founder of a Fitness wear/lifestyle brand called Almoore.

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