Celebrating Father's in Wellness

Celebrating Father's in Wellness

As Father’s Day approaches and In the spirit of this month’s theme of Pride, we are shining light on some of our favorite Dad’s in the Wellness Spaces. We love seeing these dad’s make wellness a focus while parenting.

In alphabetical order:
Known for:
Where to Find Them: (Follow Their Link for more!)

Adam Jackson
Yogi, Hosting the Sacred Sons Podcast, Dad

Alonzo Nelson Jr.
Dad, Math Teacher, Yogi, Husband

Brad Lawson
Fitness Model, Hedge Fund Nerd, Mental health advocate, Co-Parent

Brandon Copeland
@KheperaWellness Founder, @BlackBoysOm President

Brian Delmonico
Entrepreneur, Founder, Circuit of Change, Primal Movement, Yoga, Martial Arts

Chris Pratt
Actor, Father, Farmer.

Gordon Ogden
Yoga Teacher, Rock Climber, Dad

Visionary. Educator. Empowerment Coach Mentor.

Olowo-n'djo Tchala
Entrepreneur on a mission for social & economic justice, Founder & CEO of @Alaffia

Papa Peace
Entrepreneur, Fitness, Plants, Dad

Paul Stainthorpe
Unfit Dad To A Fitter Dad, Editor of Father Fitness, Certified PT

Peter Maldonado
Yoga, Recovered from addiction, Dad

Taye Diggs
Actor, Author, Dad

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