Celebrating Latinx Wellness Influencers

Celebrating Latinx Wellness Influencers

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 in United States began on
Wednesday, September 15 and runs through Friday, October 15.  At Smudge we are committed to diversity and love any opportunity celebrate different communities.  Here are some dope Latinx Wellness Influencers you should check out.

In alphabetical order:
Known for:
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Ada Rojas
Serial entrepreneur who specializes in establishing successful ventures with a lifestyle focus that infuses themes of culture, community, and confidence

Alejandra Kanashiro
Help you shatter patterns, reprogram and consciously manifest your life , Shadow Work, Subconscious Healing and Human Design.

Ana Consuelo Matiella and Sada Naegelin
De Las Mías - Food and Culture Blog

Ariana Brown

Candy Calderon
Founder @glowwellnesstour
Wellness Queen. I help women reclaim their health & master being well! Diversity in Wellness Advocate

Christine Gutierrez
Licensed therapist and love addiction coach runs Cosmic Christine

Danielle Alvarez
Founder of The Bonita Project a marketing, public relations, and influencer marketing agency focusing on multicultural relations.

Estefanie Cantu
Workout advice, products and recommendations

Gabby Rivera
Writer and Author of Juliet Takes a Breath

Giselle Schreiner
Intuitive Health & Life Coach

Healthy Latina Lifestyle
Personal fitness and healthy lifestyle blogger -

Indya Moore
Actor and Model collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger

Jackie |
Personal blogger and video creator

Kim Guerra
Creator of Brown Badass Bonita.
Author of Mariposa and Mija. She writes and creates as a way of healing and loving herself in a revolutionary way.

Kimberlynn Acevedo -
Trauma Transformation Coach. Energy Worker. Youth Educator

Leslie Priscilla
Public figure and Parent Coach

Lilia G. Ashe
La Saludable Latina
Women's Health and Wellness
Podcast Host | Womb Activator | Lifestyle Blogger

Olive Lavida
Photographer and Doula

Manuel “Manny MUA” Gutierrez
Makeup Artist, Founder of Lunar beauty, Youtuber

Massy Arias
Health Coach CEO @tru_supplements

Mariel Buque
Therapist, Psychologist. Columbia University trained doctor with a background in holistic psychology

Melanie Santos
wellness leader, intuitive healer, and creator.

Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez and Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon
Practical magicians. Afro-Indigenous Black Latinx Twin Sisters.Social-Science Brujas.Ph.D.s

Robyn Morenois
lifestyle expert, Emmy-nominated TV host, author, and blogger whose weekly newsletter and website helps women easily infuse beauty and joy into everyday life.

Salice Rose
Entrepreneur and Influencer on Tiktok

Tatiana Morales - Tarot Diviner • Spiritist • Mama - Spiritual Tools to shift the Diaspora towards Self-Empowerment & Truth

Vane Pena |
Video Creator and Influencer on Tiktok and Instagram.

Dr. Veroshk Williams
a spiritual, emotional, and wellness entrepreneur.

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