Preparing for a Purposeful Life Post-Quarantine, Part Two -- The Do-Over

Preparing for a Purposeful Life Post-Quarantine, Part Two -- The Do-Over

Hard to believe, but as of today, the vast majority of states have no active stay-at-home orders. The governments of New York and California, two of the largest states, are easing people back into some semblance of post-quarantine life. 


Deep breath. Don’t freak out. We’ve got you. 

We are sharing a series of intention-setting and visualization strategies over the next few days, along with the products and tools we think might be helpful as you navigate what this means for your job, your relationships, and your world. 

Here’s our second installment. (Missed the first? Here it is!)

I will be the first person to raise my hand up and tell you that I will be thrilled when I no longer have to stay at home, wear a mask to the grocery store, can take an Uber without a hazmat suit, or worry about my loved ones getting sick while doing normal, human things. But if I am completely honest, there are definitely some things I did and felt during Life Before Quarantine that I don’t miss at all.*

So, here’s a thought -- let’s leave that shit behind. Let's look at this post-quarantine life as a chance for an epic do-over. 

Luigi and I are big believers in the power of setting intentions in helping us shape the decisions and our behavior, and in using healing crystals and other tools to provide the energy we need to help turn those intentions from nice thoughts into omg-it’s-actually-happening desired action.

We love a practical ritual and think this is particularly quar-effective for setting you up for success when this episode of Black Mirror ends. (And really, truly, 100% we believe that it will.) It’s similar to an exercise we like to do whenever we are approaching a significant shift in time, such as a new year or a new job. 

  • Set the scene: find yourself a quiet spot where you’ll be able to think and focus. If you have it, cleanse your space with a smudge stick, light a candle, or use a diffuser. Play your favorite soothing music. Grab a pen and paper -- you can print out this template to fill out if you want.
  • Breathe: center yourself by taking a series of deep, purposeful breaths. Breathe in deeply through the nose, holding it briefly at the top of the inhale, and exhaling fully through your mouth. Do this a few times.
  • Q&A: Answer these questions, each designed to help you dig into what you enjoyed and dreaded about life, pre-quarantine, what you may have learned to appreciate during this time of Shelter In Place, and what kind of intentions and energy you would like to bring with you as we move forward to a post-quarantine world. Some rule of the road: 1) There are no wrong answers and you can change your mind! The point is to put some purpose behind what you do and to inject some personal power into what’s in store; 2) For maximum impact, share with others. We’ve created an Instagram-friendly template so you can share via social media, but even just privately sharing with a trusted friend will help keep you accountable; and 3) Hang your answers somewhere you will see it every day. We love a bathroom mirror!
        • Before quarantine, how did I feel at end of a typical day? 
        • During quarantine, how do I feel at the end of a typical day? 
        • The thing I miss most about my pre-quarantine life?
        • The things I don't miss about my pre-quarantine life?
        • What are three things I learned during quarantine (these can be self-reflections or a newly discovered skill!)?
        • This is what happiness will look like to me in a post-quarantine life (describe in detail, a moment or a feeling that you want to manifest):
        • What kind of energy do I want to guide my behavior in my post-quarantine life? 
        • My post-quarantine mantra will be (make this an affirmative statement you can repeat to yourself on the daily):
      • Build your intention-setting toolkit: Here are a few of our favorite product picks that we love to pair with intention-setting. Need help figuring out which one works best for you? Email us at or check in with us on Instagram -- we adore a crystal consult session.
        • New Year of Magical Thinking + Action Sets: we initially created these sets of intention decks and crystal pairings with a new calendar in mind, but find them equally as compelling as we prepar for a New World. Each set comes with either a tarot, dream decoder, or oracle deck and some handpicked crystals that will help clarify and boost your positive energy.
        • Get Right to the Point: crystal towers: not even a billboard is better at advertising the personal power you want to put out into the world.
        • 10 Days of Magical Self-Care Powered by Smudge: want to really dig into your intentions and build your crystal library? Our 10 day self-care spell gives you everything you need plus daily guidance to kickstart your post-quarantine life.

      Sending you all the love and healing energy this weekend. Alexa… play Xo by Beyonce on repeat forever.


      *I’ve said it before, but want to make sure I’m clear on where my head’s at: it is a damn privilege to be able to sit and evaluate these issues. I do not take it lightly that this whole mess is at its root a public health crisis disproportionately affecting our world’s poorest and most vulnerable. I think it is also okay to acknowledge that, do what we can to limit that damage, and also spend some time doing some mental self-care.

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