crystal charging power hour

crystal charging power hour

Raise your hand if you could use an energy boost about right now? We had a hunch it wasn’t just us! The virtual zoom cocktail sessions are amazing. But let’s put down the wine for a moment and try another easy-to-do ritual with crystals that can help smooth the ride of this emotional roller coaster that none of us signed up for. Bonus: it’s a very family-friendly activity, so if you are trying to check off some of the to-do’s on the homeschooling checklist, we have you covered.

Step One: Pick Your Crystal

Pick a crystal that represents the kind of energy you need more of in your life right now. While any favorite stone will work for this, here are some of the most popular rock stars that Team Smudge always has on hand (Here is where you can find these and more of our faves!): 

Citrine -- happiness, light, positivity 

Amethyst -- abundance, peace, intuition

Clear Quartz -- enlightenment, clarity, manifestation

Rose Quartz -- love, compassion, joy

Tiger’s Eye -- focus, strength, courage 

In a pinch, if you don’t have a crystal available, we suggest finding a special item that holds a specific, positive memory for you. Perhaps a piece of jewelry or small toy that holds a particularly powerful meaning to you. 

Step Two: In With the Good, Out With The Bad!

Now it’s time to set some intentions to infuse your thoughts, your action, and your behavior with purpose. Especially during times of stress or uncertainty, it is easy to feel lost and spin in endless circles. Spending some time carefully articulating how you want to live your life and the types of energy you need to make that a reality can be a compelling tool to give you a semblance of control over an uncontrollable situation. 

Place your crystal in the center of a piece of paper and grab a pen. For the crafty among you, we suggest grabbing some colored pencils or markers so that you can add a dose of color therapy to this exercise. All around the crystal, write down the words that describe what you want more of in your life right now. Draw arrows from each of these words towards your crystal, sending all those positive intentions inside. My recent positive power hour words were “calm,” “patience,” and “more sour patch watermelon candy.” If you are using color to add some sparkle, this is where you might want to add those colors that you associate with each word. (Stay tuned for a future post on the power of color on altering our energy and perspective!)

Now it’s time to write the words that represent the type of energy that you would like to show the door. My version this week included “fear,” “stress,” and “tiger king memes.” (No offense to Mr. Exotic!) Once again draw arrows from those words, but this time, have them pointed away from your crystal. 

Your crystal is now full with all your good energy PLUS its natural healing properties. A powerhouse sidekick to help you with the times ahead. And when you need a reminder of all the personal power you have (and what energy no longer serves you), your drawing is a visual kick-in-the-butt to get you back on track. Pro-tip: draw a heart where you placed the crystal and hang it on your bathroom mirror. 

Step Three: Extra Credit

While there are no trophies for the “best” spiritual wellness practice, if you’d like to add some extra magic to this exercise, turn your positive/negative words into a daily mantra that you can repeat (e.g. SCREAM) every morning when you brush your teeth. (We’re still brushing teeth, right?). In my case, my current mantra is: I AM CALM. I AM PATIENT. I AM NOT AFRAID.”

Step Four: 

What, you may ask, do you do with your crystal friend now that she’s all dressed up with nowhere to go? Here are some ideas: 

  • Take it with you into the bathroom when you do your skincare routine -- add some mindful deep breaths as you repeat your mantra 
  • Place it next to you when you exercise or meditate -- let its energy boost you through  that hill your climing
  • Carry it with you on your next socially distanced walk -- if it’s sunny out, be sure to expose it to some Vitamin D for an extra kick. 

This may seem like an overly simple exercise and, for sure, there are plenty of more complicated and in-depth intention-setting rituals and practices for those who are trying to dive into the deep end of spiritual wellness. But for a quick way to ground and reset, we have found it incredibly helpful and to-the-point. 

Here are our fave products to guide your intention-setting practice. Have questions? Drop us a line at 

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