Crystal Fashions - How To Wear Your Crystals

Crystal Fashions - How To Wear Your Crystals

It’s clear that we love all things crystals here at Smudge Wellness. Crystals have so many different wonderful uses, practices and mysteries. You can place them around your house, at your desk, use them for infusions, place them in your bra or you can wear them. We have seen people wearing crystals and stones throughout the ages. Royal jewels and crowns, the breast plates of ancient spiritual leaders, many more places throughout time. Sometimes the best way to get what your need from your crystals is to carry it with you or to wear it. For certain crystals, it helps amplify the stone’s effects having the stone in contact with your skin but now that so many more ladies have given up bras, we thought it would be a great time to share other ways to wear your stones.

So let’s celebrate the intersection of crystals and fashion, with our top 7 ways to wear crystals. I also try to remember to first program the crystals being worn with an intention. Let these stones serve as a reminder of those intentions. The more you touch the stone, the more you tap into their energy. So we figured we’d start at the top and work our way down. When you wear a crystal, you are allowing that crystal to alter your vibration so let’s change our vibe together.

 You should see me in a crown: Figured I’d start with the go big or go home. Crystal Crowns!! From billie to Rihanna to Beyonce and every queen in between, crowns have made a fierce return as an accessory that the Goddess in all of us can love. I have seen beautiful crowns on Etsy ranging from reasonable to extravagant on the price scale. There are also guides on how to make one for yourself so you have many options for the right crown for you.

(Image: Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2015)

In Your Hair: If you are rocking a top knot or a high bun, you can put crystals within your bun, just make sure they are well secured so they do not come flying out at anyone. If you have locs or braids, you can weave in a wrapped crystal that will help you amplify. We still have a lot to learn about the power of hair so that is a whole other fun conversation we get to have sometime! There are some great artists that make these or if you are handy, you can order some stones and DIY a beautiful accessory for yourself.

(Image: Crystal Hair Pin from Cosmic Flora Crystals)

Around Your Neck: You can wrap your crystals, or buy them wrapped, or have them put into a setting so you can wear them on a chain. It’s a great way to wear crystals close to your heart and allow them to work with you. I learned how to wrap my crystals on Pinterest. I was getting ready to take a class at my local crystal shop before everything shut down. I’m sure there are some great virtual classes or tutorials to get you started if you want to wrap it yourself instead of purchasing a necklace.

(Image: Rose Quartz Talisman from Olivia Moray)

Around Your Wrist or On Your Hand: There are so many great bracelets and rings to choose from. I have a moonstone ring that has gradually and dramatically changed my life. The best way to go is the style and stone that speaks to you. You can go rounded or more raw, you can go with a string of small stones or go for a blend. It’s really up to you to pick the one that is going to play a role in your life.

(Image: Aura Ring in Rose Quartz from Leah Alexandra Jewelry)

In Your Ears: You can always go with some crystals in your ears and access their different energies. It is also a nice way to switch it up depending on your mood or needs and what you want the outcome to be. You can wear one stone or mix it up to make a combo. I love to play with fashion and lean into the mismatch sometimes. Follow the moon’s lead on when to change and let your intuition guide you on which stone you need.

(Image: Blue Topaz Duo Studs from Mejuri)

In or on Your Clothes: I’ve seen brands over the years infuse clothes with crystal energy, or even have crystal clip ons but part of the joy of crystals going mainstream is that we are getting new and exciting products like these Sahara Clarity Quatz sandals from Astara collective. I would love to wear these slides around this summer and soak up the energy.

(Image: The Sahara Clear Quartz Sandal from Astara) 

Make Your Largest Organ Glow: With Crystal infused products for your skin or crystals designed for application, there are great products to help you glow. Your face is one of the first things many people see when they see you so make your skin happy! There are a variety of rollers and scrapers and products to help you shape, drain and shine.

(Image: Amethyst Body Polish from Herbivore)


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