Crystal Matchmaking: How to Find the Perfect Crystal for Every Occasion

Crystal Matchmaking: How to Find the Perfect Crystal for Every Occasion

Have you ever found yourself wondering which crystals you could surround yourself with that would support your current life situation? Maybe you’ve been waiting forever for the opportunity to put your name in the ring for a promotion at work. The opportunity is here, but you don’t feel confident in yourself and are second guessing your abilities.

Maybe you and your partner are ready to begin trying for your first baby (congratulations!) and you’re looking for a little extra something to help support you in the fertility department.

Or maybe you’re a student embarking on your first semester of grad school and you’d love to feel more focused, decrease your anxiety, and find a way to manage your stress levels throughout your new chapter.

No matter what your circumstances, there’s a crystal for that! There are crystals for healing and easing just about any situation and emotion you can think of, and we’ve put together a list of which crystals and stones match which moods and needs to help you find the support you’re looking for. Look for the crystal or stone you’re drawn to in a point, cluster, sphere, or tumbled, and keep it where you can see it and draw on its healing energy. Some people create an altar for their crystals to keep them together, and some people even carry their crystals with them in a pocket or purse so that they have ongoing support everywhere they go! Find your crystal, and choose what feels right for you.

Smokey Quartz + Fortune in Fertility: Smokey Quartz is a key fertility crystal! Less time-consuming than endless deep breathing exercises and pregnancy books, Smokey Quartz not only offers incredible grounding energy that supports important life transitions, like bringing a baby into the world, but it increases fertility and has a stimulating effect on reproductive organs. A crystal to keep around on your way to parenthood!

Rose Quartz + Serving Up Self-Love: Looking for your perfect match? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Self-love and self-care isn’t all bath bombs and pedicures (though those things are always nice!), it’s also digging deeper. Offering love to all parts of yourself - mental, emotional, and physical. Rose Quartz opens your heart to compassion for yourself and aids in raising self-esteem and self-worth. Keep this crystal close on your journey back to yourself.

Amethyst + Keeping Calm: We know you’re familiar with the days: 12 places to be at once, nine last minute schedule changes, six deadlines by 5pm, three meals to cook, and a partridge in a pear tree. Pick up an Amethyst to bring yourself peace, calm, and to help with overall control of mindfulness and your thoughts. This stunning purple crystal has been used for centuries for its strong healing powers. This is one to keep with you in a pocket or purse for a constant flow of anxiety-reducing energy.

Clear Quartz + Versatile and Vivacious: The crystal that can do it all, Clear Quartz is one you can reach for to help empower you through any situation and connect you more clearly with your higher self. Known as the stone of power, it amplifies any intention or energy - upping the ante as you go for that promotion, send out that book proposal, or head out on that first date!

Green Aventurine + Lady Luck: Look no further than Green Aventurine to propel you into new opportunities and connect you with Lady Luck, whether you’re working on your finances or gaining new clients in your business. Keep it close - this beautiful stone renews optimism for life and pushes us to take action. We don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little of what this crystal has to give!

Sodalite + Seeking Truth: Have you been feeling like your life is lacking purpose, authenticity, truth? This is the crystal for you! Consider Sodalite the encouraging, knowledgeable mentor you didn’t know you needed as you embark on a path of uncovering who you are, what you believe, and why you’re here. This rich blue stone enhances self-trust and intuition, guiding you to the truth you’re looking for.

Pyrite + Protection: Done soaking up the energy of Negative Nancy from accounting? Looking to end a toxic relationship? Pyrite is a stone of protection, shielding you from Nancy’s negativity and all the negative energy you come into contact with. Also known for promoting success, keep Pyrite around when your ambition is withering and it’ll help boost you in the right direction so you can return to the productive, aspirational version of you who handles her to-do list like a boss. 

Citrine + Positivity, Comfort, and Cleansing: Powered by the sun, this stone will warm your life like a sunny summer day, cleansing negative energy and bring in positivity and heightened energy. It’s the perfect stone for manifestation and imagination, so imagine the things you want to attract to your life, set your intentions, and manifest shifts until you’re truly aligned with the life you want to live. Citrine will support you all the way to the pool house and personal chef.

Celestite + Sweet Dreams: When you just need some tranquility in your life, Celestite is your go-to crystal - promoting deep, soothing relaxation by restoring your natural state of joy. This dreamy blue crystal is known for inspiring harmony and calm in its environment, making it the perfect stone to keep in your bedroom to encourage a restful night of sleep. The crystal’s name comes from the Latin word for ‘celestial,’ a reminder that tomorrow brings with it new, beautiful opportunities once we wake. Keep this crystal by your bedside for the sweetest of dreams that you’ll be thanking the Heavens for.

Hematite + Worry Relief: Easier to get ahold of than your therapist, Hematite offers grounding properties that will keep you calm during times of stress and worry. It promotes balance between the energy and emotions of your body, mind, and spirit, bringing you to a more neutral, rational space to handle what’s thrown your way.

Desert Rose + Getting Clear: Desert Rose is the tour guide to your five-year plan. Promoting mental clarity, this stone will get you where you want to go. It also quiets worries and encourages strength, both areas of support you’ll want along the way to crushing your goals. 

Fluorite + The Flow of Creativity: If you’re looking for a stone to help take your life to the next level, Fluorite can support you in spirituality, focus, creativity, and concentration - all things you’ll need to step into the next piece of your story. Another way it hits it out of the park? Fluorite aids in decision-making, helping you move forward on your path and clearing blockages.

No matter which crystals best represent where you are in life right now, there’s one or more that can support your needs and help you move through your current situation feeling more aligned and connected. Use this guide as your life shifts and new needs, circumstances, and situations arise - we’re here to help you as you create a spiritual practice to support every phase of your life. Head over to our shop to find your match and we’ll get it on its way to you!

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