Crystals for Creating Boundaries

Crystals for Creating Boundaries

As we talk about recharging this month, we can’t leave out a super important aspect of it: setting boundaries! So many of us don’t think about recharging and resetting as being about boundaries, but boundaries are about protecting our time and our energy, and what’s more recharging than having more of both of those? 

But here’s the kicker: boundaries are rarely fun or easy to put into place. How many times have you felt anxious with sweaty palms before picking up the phone to have one of these conversations with someone? Or, even more tough, had one of these conversations in person. Or maybe you set boundaries in a stealth way, implementing them without even saying anything to anyone. 

We all have our ways, but today we’re bringing you some support to make boundary-setting a little less anxiety-provoking and a little more hey, I did this and I’m proud of myself.

Below you’ll find a few crystals you can use as tools during your meditations, wear as jewelry to always keep with you, or carry in a purse or pocket to keep your boundary-setting skills top notch. Some of these crystals will ease the stress of creating boundaries while others will help you stay strong in upholding those boundaries. Choose what’s right for you and implement how it feels best in your practice and routine.


Hematite, Emotional Boundaries: Hematite is a stone known for absorbing negative energy into your root chakra and neutralizing it there so that it becomes unable to affect you, cleansing your aura and offering you relief from undesired energies. When used along with setting emotional boundaries, Hematite will relieve stress and anxiety and offer you protective energy to help you maintain those emotional boundaries and therefore, maintain your emotional health. What more could a girl ask for?


Amazonite, Personal Boundaries: As strong as the Amazon women they’re named after, Amazonite stones are known for their stunning turquoise color and ability to help you set clear, strong personal boundaries - and even identify boundaries you may have not realized you need in the past. Ever feel like putting the boundaries in place is something you can do, but when it comes to maintaining them, it feels like overwhelm central? Amazonite takes the benefit even further by bringing you the discipline and strength to uphold your boundaries with ease and grace.

Black Obsidian - Energetic Boundaries: Sick of feeling negative energy around you? Black Obsidian might be your new go-to! This stunning, unique crystal, formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with water, provides protection to its user from disruptive and challenging energies that may be hanging around you. Black Obsidian helps you feel grounded in your own energy and stay protected while you navigate through your own path, fending off harsh interjections from others. Turn to Black Obsidian to keep yourself, your energetic boundaries, and your journey protected.

Shungite - Electric & Magnetic Field Boundaries: Shungite stands out from other crystals in several ways. It carries a super intense energy that can help you be assertive with boundaries you set in your personal relationships, something we can all use a little help with! But even further than that, Shungite is one of the only stones that has the unique ability to protect against EMFs, or electric and magnetic fields. Shungite contains fullerenes (hollow, 100% carbon molecules - pretty cool, right?), and those fullerenes are capable of absorbing and neutralizing harmful frequencies. One of the best ways to use Shungite to its highest potential is to place small pieces around your apartment or house, protecting it from harmful frequencies and keep clearing the electric and magnetic fields you and your family call home.

Kyanite - Relationship Boundaries: Kyanite is a beautiful blue, high frequency stone that helps us maintain boundaries we’ve put in place in relationships and hold our power against resistance. On the receiving end of manipulation or bullying when you lay down certain boundaries? Kyanite will help you stand up to these, helping you fully understand what the other person is trying to communicate to you so that you aren’t put in the position of being controlled by others. It protects our communications and auric field, keeping us in a positive space to uphold our boundaries in our relationships and understand exactly what’s being said so we can form our own opinion and uphold our boundaries as we see fit.

How to Use Crystals for Creating Boundaries

Carry in a purse or pocket. This is one of our favorite simple, easy ways to carry a crystal’s benefits with you - all day long. Choose your crystal and keep it in your purse or a pocket on your clothing. Each time you notice it, thank it for the work it’s doing for you, and know its benefits are emanating and surrounding you throughout the day and contributing to your power to set and keep your boundaries in place.

Meditate. There are few things as powerful as meditating with a crystal and acknowledging it for all of its capabilities and the assistance it brings you. Bring your chosen crystal(s) for creating boundaries to your meditation spot, whether that’s your altar, balcony, or living room, and go about your typical meditation practice holding your crystal in one hand, with your palm open and upward. You’re allowing the power of the crystal combined with the power of meditation to intensify within you and offer you support in setting and upholding boundaries of any kind.

Place on your work desk. If the boundaries you’re seeking to set happen to be in your work environment, placing a crystal (preferably a crystal for EMF boundaries) on your desk can help ground you into your work and repel any resistance on the boundaries you've set, allowing you to move through your day without worrying about picking up negativity or manipulation from others.

Wear as jewelry. Wearing crystals as jewelry is one of the best ways to keep yourself surrounded by their energy at all times! Find a piece you love and allow its essence to enforce the boundaries you’ve set and offer you discipline in maintaining those boundaries every time you wear it. 

Which crystal stands out to you, and why? Do you have some energetic boundary-setting to do to protect your positive energy from an office full of gossipers? What about some personal boundary-setting to protect your time and space? Don’t forget to share how you’re going to use your boundary-setting crystals with us at @SmudgeWellness! We love supporting you!

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