Crystals for Optimism and Hope

Crystals for Optimism and Hope

If there are two things our world could use more of right now, they’re optimism and hope! With the wild ride that 2020 has been and not really knowing what’s in store for us going forward, there’s likely very few of us who wouldn’t benefit from a little uplift and positivity.

At Smudge, one of the best ways we know to bring something specific into your life is by using crystals - in the middle of a life change? Beryl is your stone. Need the courage to stand up for yourself at work? Your go-to is Amazonite. Working on getting pregnant for the first time? Yep, there’s a crystal for that.

So to boost our optimism and hope, we’re giving you a list of our favorite crystals that corral positivity and manifest it into our lives, each in their own way. As you read through this list, pay attention to which crystal(s) stand out to you, speak to you, and make note of those. What’s just as important as what your crystal does for you, is how you connect with it. Now onto the crystals!

Sulfur Crystal. The sulfur crystal is one of the most stunning in the optimistic class of crystals, with its bright yellow color permeating sunshine and positive energy. It can be used in many ways, and carries the ability to clear negative energy - whether this is around your being, in a home or office, or in your mind while you’re meditating. Adding to their hopeful nature, they can help you to view situations and obstacles in new ways, bringing clarity to your life and to challenges you’re having a difficult time navigating. Keep your sulfur crystal nearby and allow it to show you new options, new paths, and new opportunities, keeping you hopeful and inspired as you move forward to what comes next for you.

Citrine. Citrine is the most popularly thought of crystal to add the energy and power of optimism and hope to your life. It’s known for its warm, comforting, energizing properties and carries the power of the sun to whomever keeps it close. Citrine is a perfect crystal for manifesting that new job you’ve been looking for, the relationship you’ve been seeking, or the apartment you’re planning to move into, as it encourages fresh beginnings, a full life, and new starts. Citrine is also known for clearing the mind, energizing the heart, and calling the soul into action, so bring it into your life when you’re truly ready for change and something new. 

Turquoise. Inspiring, peaceful turquoise is often known for bringing us ease and satisfaction, calming the storm and allowing optimism to take root where negativity once was. This richly colored stone will help you find peace in any situation and may even help influence those around you. It lifts general feelings of blah and brings hopeful, easy vibes to even the worst of days. Keep this stone with you in a pocket or purse to carry its energy all day long, soaking up the benefits and bringing peace and hope to your world.

Ametrine. Ametrine is quite the crystal, combining two of our favorites to become an incredibly powerful beacon of hope. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst, one of the crystals that brings us peace and mental clarity, with citrine, a beautiful, optimistic crystal that brings us joyfulness and positivity. This stunning crystal is known for not only having the ability to spark change, but also bringing us the motivation to actually make those changes! Follow-through is everything, are we right? The blissful blend of these two crystals lends balance and positivity to our emotional and mental energies, and is especially powerful when used with a meditation practice!

Black Tourmaline. If you’re someone who finds yourself battling negative emotions often, like fear, panic, or anger, black tourmaline is the crystal that can not only remove those feelings but also protect you against negative energy to begin with. It’s the crystal that can help ground us and allow us to truly build a foundation of support, which can help us find happiness, gain self-confidence, and mentally feel more clear. If you’re searching for a crystal that will truly protect you from negative energy and help lift the negative feelings you tend to experience yourself, black tourmaline will get the job done. Try keeping it by your bedside at night, meditating with it in the morning, or - maybe the most beneficial - wearing it on a piece of jewelry to keep its powerful effects with you all day long. 

Yellow Jasper. Yellow jasper is known for relieving and improving seasonal blues, that feeling of depression that can come with the darker, colder, fall and winter seasons. It brings the power and energy of the sun with it, spreading positive, optimistic vibes and turning negativity around into hope and encouragement. Whether you’re experiencing seasonal depression, going through a tough breakup, or feeling blue about something else going on in your life, bringing yellow jasper into the mix will brighten up your days and your mood. Bonus: it also helps us with the ability to let go of what others think, which can make all of us a little happier!

All of these stones will help shift your mood and thoughts into a brighter, more optimistic place, giving you the power to change your days and have a more positive experience at any given time. 

Did you feel drawn to one or two of the crystals as you read about them? Those are your crystals! Crystals often choose us, not the other way around. We know when a crystal is right for us because we’ll feel connected to it and to the energy it provides, bringing a sense of exactly what we need into our lives right at that moment.

Choosing your crystals is a personal process, and once you’ve decided which crystals to bring into your life, you also get to decide how and how often you call on them to support you. This is what spirituality is all about, creating what works for you and your life and makes it better - not what makes it more stressful. If meditating with your crystals every morning feels like too much pressure to you, maybe keeping them by your bedside feels better. Work on finding exactly how they fit into your life to support and honor you and your journey, after all, that’s what they’re best at!

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