Crystals for Strength and Courage

Crystals for Strength and Courage

Strength and courage: two things we all need at different times throughout life. Whether you’re going through a divorce, starting your own business, working from home and homeschooling at the same time, needing to stand up for yourself in a difficult situation, or working to overcome obstacles of another kind, there are times when we just need a little extra strength and courage in our world. 

Lucky for us, some of our favorite crystals bring us strength, courage, and bravery when introduced into our lives and into our spiritual practices. Feeling like we don’t have the courage and strength we need can keep us from achieving our goals professionally, personally, and spiritually. But this doesn’t have to be our reality! To help you overcome feelings of fear, anxiety, or uncertainty, the following crystals can give us a boost of courage when we need it the most. Get ready to step up and find your strength!

Bloodstone is known as the Stone of Courage and Bravery. When you’re looking to strengthen your courage muscles, there are few stones better than Bloodstone to bring your bravery into focus. This beautiful green stone boasts flecks of red throughout, reminding you of the fire and power within you. Bloodstone is known for helping us to more easily accept change, often something we’re resisting when we find ourselves feeling fearful or anxious. This stone also helps us to begin recognizing the benefits that can come with experiencing difficult situations and challenges, allowing us to fear them less and see the growth and beauty they can bring us by overcoming them.

Amazonite is known as the Stone of Courage and Truth. When we think of courageous women throughout history, we think of the Amazonite women. They were well known for their strength, courage, bravery, and fearlessness. The amazonite stone brings us the power of these traits whether we wear it as jewelry, meditate with it in the morning, or keep it with us in a pocket or purse throughout the day. The Amazonite women have boldly influenced this stone, and with it comes the courage you need to stand up for yourself, ask for that pay raise at work, or step into a new power role in your life. 

Carnelian is known as the Stone of Leadership and Courage. This richly colored, sunset-hued stone will help you combat anxiety and uncertainty in several ways and helps remove stress from the situation. Carnelian inspires confidence and stabilizes emotions, giving you a solid foundation to make decisions and face the uncertainty of life with courage and bravery. Use this stone in the home or office to help create that solid foundation that will give you stability and confidence to use your leadership skills, whether you’re leading your kids or your employees.

Beryl is known as the Stone of New Beginnings. If you’re currently in a space of making life changes, big ones or small ones, or taking on new responsibilities, facing new challenges, or starting over, Beryl is a stone for you to keep close. This stone can help you see your true potential more clearly, providing a crystal-clear view of your strengths and abilities, as well as helping you keep your eye on your goals and focus on them while moving forward into the unknown with courage. Keep Beryl around anytime things are shifting in your life and changes are on the horizon.

Red Jasper is known as the Stone of Endurance. If you’re in a position where you’re needing long-term courage to endure a difficult or challenging situation or to uphold your personal boundaries, this stone is one for you to incorporate into your life. Red Jasper promotes a positive outlook, bringing you the ability to see the outcome of your challenge in a new way, and encourages conflict resolution. Carry it with you or meditate with it to boost your bravery and endurance to handle whatever is coming your way that may be difficult to approach and move through.

Blue Lace Agate is known as the Stone of Communication and Courage. Do you need to speak up for yourself but you’re feeling fearful about doing so? Is there a situation on hand that requires you to use your voice and you don’t feel confident you can find the right words? Blue Lace Agate helps bring conviction to your words and courage to your truth so that you can speak in a way that offers power to your listeners and reaches hearts and minds. This stone can bring confidence and bravery to your voice, allowing you to say what needs to be said, speak up for yourself, and stay true to yourself even in the midst of chaos or stress.

Any one of these stones can help boost your courage and strength to guide you through a number of challenging situations, but as you read through this post, pay attention to which crystal speaks the most to you. Usually one or two will resonate more than the others, and the crystals we’re drawn to are the crystals that are choosing us. When you read about a crystal you’re meant to have, you’ll feel connected with its meaning and healing properties instantly! Let the crystals guide you.

Once you’ve chosen the crystal or crystals you’d like to integrate into your life, there are several ways to honor them and take advantage of their strength. Wearing them as jewelry or keeping them in a pocket or purse is a favorite because it means you always have your crystal with you, backing you up in times of need. Meditating with crystals is also a fantastic way to use their energy and flood your life with all the healing they have to offer. Another way you can utilize your crystals is to put them in bathwater, water emphasizes the energy of the crystals, giving them even more strength and power. Or, simply keep your crystal of choice next to your bed or in your office to give off healing, courageous vibes and pick you up when you need a little boost. Whichever crystal you choose and however you use it, be ready to step forward with some serious courage to overcome the obstacles you’ve been running into. We’re rooting for you every step of the way!

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