Crystals to Amplify Courage and Curiosity

Crystals to Amplify Courage and Curiosity

You know how we spent July recharging and resetting? There’s something that naturally comes next after doing that type of inner work - cultivating our curiosity and courage to try new, exciting (and maybe a little bit scary!) things and step outside our comfort zone! 

We know you’ve heard it before: a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. We’re ready to help you take your newly recharged energy, ideas, and inner-self and get curious! Your curiosity can take you so many places, and here’s the best part: none of them are wrong! We’re talking about getting curious about going deeper in your spirituality, getting curious about pushing the boundaries of your current fitness routine, getting curious about how to improve the relationships in your life, getting curious about how to take your biz to the next level. All of these count - and anything else you can think of!

But one thing we believe at Smudge is that curiosity is fed by being courageous. As we cultivate our courage and bravery, we’re able to dig deep into what we’re curious about. We learn new things and really push the envelope. See how that works? First the courage, then the curiosity, then the growth and expansion. Beautiful.

To give you a little boost in taking these steps, we’re bringing you a few crystals that can help you cultivate courage and curiosity and support you in the next phase of your journey. Choose the crystals that stand out to you, yell your name, or just simply give you a good feeling, and leave the rest. You’ll be drawn to the ones you’re meant to work with, and we can’t wait to see how far they take you!

Crystals for Curiosity

Iolite. Iolite is a stunning, violet-blue stone that can shift from as dark a shade as the winter sky to a light, almost clear blue. This crystal carries with it the essence of big dreams, spiritual journeys, and the desire to find what’s out there beyond your own existence.


A stone commonly used as inspiration when working with muses, Iolite powerfully activates our creative side - bringing out the visionary, day-dreaming, big-magic-making version of us that can see the life of our dreams in our mind’s eye. It helps us access thoughts and ideas far beyond the ordinary and reality, encouraging us to find answers to our questions, gain knowledge where gaps exist, and seek guidance along pathways we wish to follow.



Labradorite. Known to many as The Stone of Destiny, Labradorite encourages wisdom and patience as you work through your curiosities to find your true path in life. Amplifying your understanding of the knowledge you find, this crystal is often referred to as Black Moonstone and is connected with the energies of the new moon, a time for using your curiosity to set new intentions and create fresh new beginnings. Don’t get this confused with Moonstone, which has similar properties but a lighter color and is connected with the full moon, a time for letting go and forgiving. 


Labradorite is also a powerful stone for blocking fears and insecurities, lending itself to the next phase we move into, using crystals to enhance and boost your courage!

Crystals for Courage

Bloodstone. Known as the Stone of Courage and Bravery, this green stone will surprise you with fiery flecks of red throughout, meant to remind you of the fire and power deep within you. Bloodstone promotes the courage to change and accept new things. This means the change of going in a new direction, starting something new, putting ourselves out there to be a beginner. These can all be scary! Bloodstone will instill courage in you to stand tall and move forward.


This stone also helps us begin recognizing how difficult situations and challenges can be beneficial to us, allowing us to fear them less and see the growth, beauty, and lessons they can bring us. So if your curiosity has you going in the direction of a huge, scary life change, such as a divorce or a cross-country move, know that Bloodstone can support you in finding the benefits of the challenges you know lie within that change.



Amazonite. The Stone of Courage and Truth. This bold, gorgeous blue-turquoise stone has been heavily influenced by the Amazonite women, who embody courage and power. Well known for their strength and bravery, keeping this stone close will bring the same properties to you and keep you surrounded by energies that help you curate fearlessness and courage.

Meditating with this stone is especially powerful, using a vision of where your curiosity is going to take you. Our imagination knows no different from reality, so visualizing yourself having the courage to ask for that pay raise or take that trip to Africa will help attract courageous energy to you. 

Blue Lace Agate. Blue Lace Agate brings you the courage to add volume to your voice, even in situations that feel uncomfortable or full of fear. If your curiosity leads you to have a scary conversation or stand up for yourself in a way you haven’t before, Blue Lace Agate helps bring conviction to your words and power to your truth. You’ll find the right words and be supported by bravery to speak in a way that reaches the hearts and minds of your listener(s), all while staying true to yourself. 

Use this stone if you find yourself curious about making bold statements in your relationships or finally having conversations that bring you closer to your destiny, like with a client or boss. Try something new with Blue Lace Agate and your communication and courage will be right behind you.

Whether you’re going on an adventure to Bali, or working through the adventure of writing your first book, use these stones to support your curiosity to try new things and your courage to be bold! Curiosity plus courage will take you far, and choosing a crystal or two to carry with you, meditate with, or wear as jewelry will ensure you’re surrounded by its powerful energy at all times. Share the adventure you’re most excited about with us at @SmudgeWellness! We love living vicariously through you!

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