Crystals to Carry Your Pride With You

Crystals to Carry Your Pride With You

Pride. It’s something we celebrate every June and open our arms to all year long! There’s so many ways to spread Pride awareness and support the LGBTQ+ communities we love, and so many amazing campaigns every year, but what about ways to keep your Pride close to your heart? Somewhere safe, somewhere intimate, somewhere that brings you strength and joy throughout the month and the year?

At Smudge, we’ve talked about crystals for peace, crystals for release, crystals for strength, and many others. This month, we’re bringing you crystals for Pride - various crystals that represent exactly what you need to carry your pride with you, not only during Pride Month, but far beyond!

Ready to raise your Pride game? We’ve got you covered.


Crystals for Empowerment


Hematite: Hematite is a stunning blue crystal that offers empowerment by cutting and neutralizing negative energy, something we can all use, replacing it with vitality, joy, and confidence. This grounding crystal carries a powerful energy with it, an energy we can feel when we work with it or carry it with us in a pocket or purse. It helps to connect us to the earth and feel grateful for what we have while feeling empowered to reach for bigger and better.

Sodalite: This beautiful royal blue stone is known as The Harmonizer Stone, increasing our connection to our higher self and finding balance and harmony in our lives. In doing so, Sodalite empowers us to truly step forward as our true, balanced, authentic selves and to accept ourselves for who we are, something so many of us find challenging from time to time. It deepens our understanding of ourselves, putting us in a position to feel empowered and confident in our beliefs, decisions, and words.

Aquamarine: Known as the Stone of Empowerment, Aquamarine supports us with a gentle, encouraging power that leaves force, stress, and tension behind. We can harness this power and place it into reaching for goals, feeling confident and improving our relationship with ourselves, or use it to stay focused and centered. This stone, in the element of water, offers empowerment and a resilient energy that allows us to move forward into the unknown with grace and ease.

Crystals for Courage

Bloodstone: Bloodstone is a stunning green stone with flecks of red, representative of its power that pours into our heart center when we work with it. This crystal can help make challenging situations easier, bestowing its courageous energy onto you and allowing you to accept change and the benefits it may bring. We don’t know many people who can’t use a little support when it comes to navigating difficult situations, and bravery comes naturally with the power of the Bloodstone.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye, one of the most eye-catching crystals with its gold and bronze shimmery hues, is a stone of earth and sun energy, bringing you the courage to try new things and the power to decrease fear, all while releasing introversion. Allowing you to see with clarity and ease, Tiger’s Eye encourages you to push forward with the drive from deep within you, going for your goals and not stopping until you’re there.

Amazonite: Known as the Stone of Courage and Truth, Amazonite has energy and power as brave as the Amazonite women it’s named after. These women were strong and courageous, and carrying Amazonite with you will infuse your energy with the same courage and bravery. Use this courage to go after your dreams, stand up for yourself, or try something new!

Crystals for Joy

Citrine: The most popular attributes stunning Citrine is known for are optimism and joy, and this energy is exactly what it brings to you as you carry or wear it throughout the day. Allow this crystal to surround you in joyful warmth, clearing your mind, energizing your heart, and bringing your soul into action. Citrine will shift your energy higher and keep your heart happy.

Ametrine: This crystal may sound a bit familiar! It’s a unique, special combination of two incredible crystals, Amethyst and Citrine, and brings with it the peaceful energy and mental clarity of Amethyst, along with the joyfulness and positivity of Citrine. The combination of these crystals leads to balanced emotional energy, allowing us to live in a more joyful, optimistic state. Carry one with you or wear it in a piece of jewelry to keep this balanced energy with you all day long.

Yellow Jasper: Yellow Jasper is a perfect stone to keep close by for joy, bringing the power and energy of the sun with it wherever it goes. It will brighten up your days and your mood, while making joy your default emotion and surrounding you with a light, loving energy. Joy is something so many of us find fleeting or believe we’ll find in our next purchase, promotion, or date. Allow Yellow Jasper to bring you joy from deep within, creating a source of powerful energy you can always rely on.

There are so many different crystals that can be worked with for Pride, and we’ve outlined some of our absolute favorites here that we feel highlight what Pride is all about! Carry your empowerment, courage, and joy with you throughout the month and throughout the year by choosing one or more of these stones to keep in your pocket or purse, or better, find your favorite in a piece of jewelry and wear it on your body. 

Let these crystals remind you of your place in this world, the positive impact you have, and the love and light that surround you. Cultivate a healthy, happy environment within using your crystals, and bring their benefits with you wherever you go. Be proud, strong, and empowered - always, in all ways! Share your favorite crystal to carry for Pride with us on Instagram at @SmudgeWellness! We can’t wait to see what you have to share and hear why it means so much to you!

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