The 2021 Smudge Gift Guide for Dads

The 2021 Smudge Gift Guide for Dads

Father's Day is coming and it's time to celebrate dear old dad!! When I was growing up, dad's could often expect a new tie or some socks or something else useful for father's day.  Over the years I've seen the gifts get a little more interesting and a little more creative.  We wanted to share a few ideas for gifts you can give pop's the year.


For a gift to decorate dad's desk, get a Large Rose Quartz Sphere from Smudge to let dad know that love is in the air.  This energetic addition to your desk or mantle to be reminded to lead with love on the daily.  


For the dad who's into all things natural, check out BLK + GRN, an online marketplace made up of more than 60 Black artisans, selling products that use all-natural ingredients.  They have great choices for things you need for skincare, healthcare, home and more. 


For the dad in need of more community, introduce him to Ethel's Club, a Black-owned social and wellness club designed to celebrate people of color, online and IRL.  It is one of many communities to choose from, give dad the gift of helping him get more connected.  


For the dad who stays hydrate, help elevate his water game with a Crystal Waterbottle from Soji Energy.  These bottles allow you to experience crystal healing as it travels with you and infuses your water throughout the day.


For the dad who needs a little portable peace, get him the CalmiGo which delivers relaxation in moments of anxiousness by adapting your breathing and naturally quieting your four senses.  

For the dad who's into music, check out the Zenergy chime from Woodstock Chimes.  It emits a powerful lasting sound that will call a room to order or call you back into yourself.


For the dad who needs a little nudge for a change coming, the Before Noon tool boxes can help with those transition periods and are currently centered around focus, grounding and love


For a dad who's a Willie Nelson fan, check out the products from LEVO Oil Infusion so dad can make herbal-infused oils, butters, honeys, simple syrup, glycerin, and more.  


For the dad who likes to wear his wellness, get him some Energy Gemstone Bracelets from Tiny Rituals.  You can pick the gemstone that speaks to what your dad might need or be seeking.  


For the dad in need of a detox and some relaxation, check out the Self Care Collection from I See You Wellness.  We all need a soak every now and again to help reset the system.  


For the practical dad who thinks about others in everything they do, Bombas are super comfortable and they donate an item for every item you purchase to someone experiencing homelessness.


For the curious dad who wants to try something new, give him an Actually Curious deck to help him explore the unknown and expand his wellness practice.


For the active dad who likes to keep it moving, give the gift of a Fitbit.  The device options range from a watch/step tracker to smart devices that track your sleep and ECG.  It also helps remind you to breath and hydrate.


For the dad who loves art and needs to work on letting go.  The Buddha board allows you to let your artistic side out for some meditative painting. As the water slowly evaporates your work will disappear with it.  Leaving a clean slate and clear mind.


For the dad who needs a little piece and quiet, check out the SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine.  This device has full-spectrum sound helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.


For the dad who needs a dose of self care, go for Smudge's 10 Days of Magical Self Care Kit.  Each of the ten days includes a spiritual wellness tool along with a simple ritual to help you reset, refresh, and relax.  A great gift for dad to aid in his wellness journey.


There are just a few ideas of things you can get dad this Father's Day.

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