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Heal Week I: We Are Golden

Heal Week I: We Are Golden

May 23, 2021

Author: Luigi Aldon


Here at Smudge, we believe healing is not about being broken. It’s not about fixing something that doesn't "work" but about growing and healing with new tools and practices that better support us as we grow.  When we physically grow and change, we have to adjust our clothes to match, you might have to take them in, or let them out or buy something new for that new role you just took on.  Spiritual growth requires the same adjustment.  We have to energetically adjust.  We have to release and recharge, we have to heal and let go of what is no longer serving us and call in new tools and practices that will serve us moving forward.

The theme "We Are Golden" was inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, a pottery repair method that highlights the unique cracks within these vessels, all while honoring its history. A way to take something that was once "broken" and make it beautiful. With the recent rise in AAPI violence, our community must continue to take every opportunity to heal, all while finding the golden beauty within our healing wounds.

This week, we're sponsoring and highlighting some incredible AAPI Healers, practitioners, and all around magical people. Click the links below to access FREE live classes, recorded events, and tutorials every day! Click the links below and/or follow instructions to sign up. 

Happy Heal Week! Sign up or tune in to these free sessions: 


Monday 5.24 -- Sound Bath With Miya Kishi-Dunets (Premieres at 8PM PST on YouTube)

Tuesday 5.25 -- Shimmy Pop™️ with Isabelle Presented By Hipline (LIVE @ 9-10AM PST)

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Tuesday 5.25 -- Chorus Meditation with Luigi Aldon (LIVE @ 6-6:30PM PST)

PASSCODE: 491017

Wednesday 5.26 -- Movement and Meditation With Archaa (LIVE @ 11:30AM PST)

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Thursday 5.27 -- Gua Shua Tutorial with Lin Chen and Sasha Arijanto (Premieres @6PM PST on YouTube) 

Friday 5.28 -- Tarot Reading with Grace Duong + Sammy Kim (Premieres @ 6PM PST on YouTube)

Saturday 5.29 -- Shimmy Pop™️ with Dev Presented by Hipline (LIVE @ 9-10AM PST)

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While we are shining a light on AAPI practioners, we welcome all to attend and heal with us.  Please support these amazing offerings.


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