Honing Your Intuition Using Crystals

Honing Your Intuition Using Crystals

Ahh, intuition. It seems so, well, intuitive, but it can also feel elusive to many of us. Maybe something in our gut instinct feels off. Maybe we didn’t listen to our intuition in a specific situation and we’re left wishing we had. Maybe we’re just interested in exploring this thing deep in our soul that can guide and lead us if we get quiet enough to listen to it.

Regardless of how you get there, this month at Smudge we’re asking all the questions:

  • How do I hone my intuition?
  • How can I listen to my intuition?
  • How can I strengthen my intuition?
  • What does ‘listen to your intuition’ even mean?

We’re not going to let you get to the end of October without feeling more grounded, centered, and connected with your intuition than ever. Are you in?

We’ll start with one of our fave ways to strengthen the energy of anything in your life - from love to resilience to communication: crystals!

We’ve rounded up five crystals to help support you in digging deep into your intuition this month. As you read, pay attention to how you feel. The crystal(s) that’s meant for you to work with will give you an intuitive (see what we did there?) knowing when you come across it.

Feel into this article and come out with a powerful tool to help you hone that intuition. Let’s get started!

Crystals for Hearing Your Intuition

Clear Quartz. Of all the crystals for intuition, Clear Quartz is a go-to for so many crystal lovers. Why? Simple: it both promotes clarity and enhances your intuition. 

You get a double whammy!

When working with Clear Quartz for honing intuition, you get the clarity that comes from cutting through the noise, allowing you to truly drop into hearing your intuition. Talk about powerful. 

Try meditating with your Clear Quartz for ultra-focused energy or carry your Clear Quartz with you in a purse or pocket throughout the day for a more generalized feeling of clarity and enhanced intuition.

Either way, you’re getting first-class service with this double-benefit crystal.

Kyanite. Kyanite enhances your intuition and enhances your connection with your spirit guides - who can help guide you in hearing those gut instincts.

Carrying Kyanite with you is one of the most beneficial ways to use this stunning blue stone, as the energy surrounding your enhanced intuition will permeate through you, making hearing your intuition easier.

For many of us, just the act of listening for our intuition’s voice causes resistance. Kyanite is your source for making this come more naturally and creating space in your consciousness to hear your intuition so that you can make different choices based on what you hear.

Looking for a good way to carry Kyanite with you all the time? Look for a piece of jewelry with Kyanite or just a small stone that can even be carried in your bra. Guess what? No one knows but you!

Crystals for Guidance with Intuition

Fluorite. The powerful stone Fluorite is known for increasing intuitive senses and inspiring guidance as a result.

We get it, sometimes you just need a little direction in life. What’s better than that direction coming from the person who knows you best - yourself?

Fluorite boosts and strengthens intuition to help you align with a guided path that will take you exactly where you need to be without questions or doubts. When we rely on our intuition to guide us, we can be sure we’ve got the best GPS system available to us.

Use Fluorite in combination with meditation for an especially strong sense of guidance. Meditate with your Fluorite in one hand, and drop into your heart so you can hear your intuition. Sometimes it’s a quiet voice, sometimes you’ll hear it loud and clear. Keep this practice going as you walk your path.

Moonstone. When it comes to honing your intuition, Moonstone is a crystal that’s strongly connected to energy and our inner thoughts and instincts. 

Known as the Stone of Reflection, Moonstone will allow you to take inventory of your life with your intuition as a guide in facilitating changes and shifts where you see they need to happen. It can be scary to go with your gut instinct to make adjustments in your life, but Moonstone is a crystal that has your back.

Bringing forth your receptive energies and guiding you through intuition means this crystal will have you buzzing with your own energy and picking up on guidance through your own internal guidance system.

Crystals for Strengthening Intuition

Sodalite. One of the best ways to learn honing your intuition is to start from the source: make your intuition stronger. Sodalite is the crystal to help you do this, known as the Crystal of Intuition, and full of power to help develop and strengthen your sense of self and intuition.

Sodalite enhances insight, giving your intuition more structure and information to help truly put together an accurate internal sense for you.

Strengthening your intuition also happens through, well, practice. 

Practice strengthening your intuition by carrying your Sodalite crystal with you and making a habit of checking in with yourself throughout the day. You can even set a few alarms on your phone to remind you to just do a quick inventory of what your intuition is telling you in the moment.

What does your intuition say about the choices you’ve made today? The people you’ve engaged with? What does your intuition tell you to do next, whether it’s sign a huge contract or take a bath after work?

Practicing listening to our intuition will over time strengthen how loudly we hear it. Sodalite is the perfect stone to accompany us on that journey.


Honing your intuition using crystals will help support you in finding that inner voice that may have gotten lost or shut out over the years.

Our intuition is such a strong force of guidance in our lives and can truly take us down the path we’re meant to be on, but learning to listen to it, being able to hear it, and practicing to strengthen it all take work.

The more you work with the crystal you chose, you’ll find your intuition coming more easily to you.

Maybe you’ll hear it more loudly. Maybe it’ll still be a whisper, but it’ll be the first time you’ve heard it in years. Or maybe you’ll choose to listen to your intuition for the first time in a while.

Each stone holds a different purpose in exploring intuition, and whichever stone called to you while reading, is typically the one we recommend starting with. Around here, we like to say our crystals choose us.

Share with us which crystal you chose to work with this month to hone your intuition and let us know how it’s going at @SmudgeWellness! We love hearing how your crystals are improving your lives!

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