i'm not a regular mom. i'm a rockstar mom. famous moms as crystals.

i'm not a regular mom. i'm a rockstar mom. famous moms as crystals.


As we approach Mother’s Day and celebrate our exclusive Mom -- You’re a Rockstar Mother’s Day box of crystals, we thought we would engage in a little thought exercise called What If Celebrities Moms Were Crystals. There’s still time to order yours for the rockstar mom in your life!



The Curious One -- sodalite trusts its gut, helping those needing a boost to their self-trust and confidence. Need a reminder you are a badass? Sodalite’s your stone.

Serena Williams

Sodalite as a Celebrity Mom -- Serena Williams 

GOAT, whether on the tennis court, on the red carpet, or at home killing it with daughter, Olympia, always exploring and trying new things

  • Tagline: Dig deep within yourself and the sky is the limit


rose quartz

The Lover -- Known for its ability to stoke the fires of love, deep inner healing, friendship, and peace, rose quartz is the stone of compassion.

Angelina Jolie Global Summit 2014

Rose Quartz as a Celebrity Mom -- Angelina Jolie

Global humanitarian and mom to six, Angelina is a tireless advocate for those in need and can rock a high cut dress.

Tagline: Love others, love yourself



The Calm Before the Storm -- the cold-plunge-mood-stabilizer we all can use, Aquamarine is the chill stone to call on when we are experiencing stress.

Alicia Keys in South Africa cropped

Aquamarine as a Celebrity Mom -- Alicia Keys

Music superstar who makes even the Grammy Awards seem cool when she’s in charge, Alicia is the no-nonsense do-we-really-need-makeup kind of celeb who reminds us not to sweat the small stuff.

Tagline: Keep calm and carry on. 


tiger’s eye

The Boxing Gloves -- the stone of strength, enhancing determination, courage, and personal power. Perfect when you need an extra dose of on-the-job focus.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2016 portrait

Tiger’s Eye as a Celebrity Mom -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court trailblazer paving the way for strong women everywhere, Ruth is the tireless, never-say-quit leader that shows the change you want is possible if you stay on track.

Tagline: Fight the good fight for what’s right


smokey quartz

The Therapist -- The crystal you pick when you need help releasing negative emotions like jealousy, fear, anger, and scarcity.

Gayle King 2011

Smokey Quartz as a Celebrity Mom -- Gayle King 

The journalist who always seems grounded even when everybody else seems a little crazy, BFF Oprah calls her the “mother I never had, she is the sister everybody would want, she is the friend everybody deserves." The celebrity mom you want to have dinner with.

Tagline: You got to let it go to really go.


white howlite


The Instagram Filter -- the metaphysical edit for when you need to clear away the gloom and make way for a fuller, more authentic you, white howlite is a powerful tool for when you need to cut something that might be holding you back.

Jennifer Garner cropped

White Howlite as a Celebrity Mom -- Jennifer Garner 

One of the best things ever to happen to Instagram, Jennifer shows us the happiness that can happen when you make big, sometimes hard, life changes.

Tagline: Leave what’s holding you back on the cutting room floor. 



The Sunshine -- a squeeze of positivity in crystal form, this is the stone that helps you remember the sunny side of life and keep a positive attitude.

Witherspoon 2010-03-10-2

Citrine as a Celebrity Mom -- Reese Witherspoon

Light without being a lightweight, Reese is the celebrity mom who sternly reminds you things could be a lot worse, probably while also giving you some homemade cookies and milk.

Tagline: Suck it up and don’t forget to smile.



The Queen of Peace -- the stone of peace, abundance, and open communication. Keeps you feeling thankful for the gifts you have and promotes harmony within and around you.

Michelle Obama 2013 official portrait

Amethyst as a Celebrity Mom -- Michelle Obama

If we could bring her back to the White House ASAP, we would. A mediator and leader who has a talent to make everything around fall into its proper place. 

Tagline: Greater things come from gratitude. 


red jasper

The Stabilizer -- a powerful grounding crystal that transforms the crazy to calm, Red Jasper is like that person who gives you a firm hug and tells you to go out there and kick ass.

Gloria Steinem 1975

Red Jasper as a Celebrity Mom -- Gloria Steinem

She helped turn the focus of a country in chaos towards women’s rights as an outspoken but unifying feminist voice.

Tagline: I love you, I support you. (Now let’s get to work.)




The Spiritual Facelift -- a crystal associated with optimism and serenity, Unakite is the healing rock friend you need a self-esteem boost and a good laugh.

Tina Fey by David Shankbone

Unakite as a Celebrity Mom -- Tina Fey 

Always the sharpest person in the room and capable of cutting to the heart of the matter, Tina also understands the importance of keeping a sense of humor even during dark times. 

Tagline: Turn that frown upside down (but, like, said kind of sarcastically).



The Sparkling Healer -- like sprinkling magic fairy dust, fushchite is all about adding that positive, creative energy to your strengths so that you can really shine.

Beyonce in Berlin 2

Fushchite as a Celebrity Mom -- Beyonce 

The queen of everything she touches, Beyonce’s talent, beauty, and grit are out of this world. But don’t let the effortlessness fool you. There’s plenty of hard work and struggle that goes into that sparkle.

Tagline: Don’t wait for power to pick you -- pick your own power.


green aventurine

The Lucky Duck  -- a crystal that brings opportunity and good vibes to those who possess it. An excellent stone to keep around when you are working on a new business idea or need some optimism to shine your way.

Chrissy Teigen Sydney 2012 (2)

Green Aventurine as a Celebrity Mom -- Chrissy Teigen

If she wasn’t so funny, self-deprecating, and good at Twitter, we might hate her for being drop-dead gorgeous, married to John Legend, and mom to some of the cutest kids on the planet. But Chrissy’s pluck shows us it’s not just being lucky; it’s about what you do with an opportunity.

Tagline: Haters going to hate; make your own fortune.


botswana agate

The Deep Breath -- A decidedly zen friend, Botswana Agate comes in handy when you need to up the level of calm and peace in your life. The swirling patterns are perfect for meditation.

Kate Hudson (8033413872) (cropped)

Botswana Agate as a Celebrity Mom -- Kate Hudson

It’s impossible not to love Kate. She’s a rom com queen who can also design a killer yoga twinset. Celebrity mom most likely to lead her kids in an impromptu dance party after a tough day.

Tagline: Style and substance leads to meaningful magic.


snowflake obsidian

The Detox -- a crystal of purity and balance, Snowflake Obsidian cleanses and clarifies. Great when you need a fresh perspective or to shake things up anew.

Blake Lively 2010-tweaked (cropped)

Snowflake Obsidian as a Celebrity Mom  --  Blake Lively

A millennial earth mother, Blake exudes the kind of green smoothie energy we can all aspire to. An A-List celeb who didn’t let fame get the best of her, we imagine she’s the kind of mom that doesn’t get too worked up about finger paint in the house because she gets that messy often leads to beautiful.

Tagline: I can see clearly now.



The Fiery One -- Summon this stone when you need an extra dose of passion and spark to get it done. It’s a powerful crystal known for being strong and sexy. 

Jennifer Lopez at GLAAD Media Awards

Carnelian as a Celebrity  Mom -- Jennifer Lopez

There’s no celeb mom quite like J-Lo, who isn’t afraid to show off the fruits of her hard labor, whether those are her acting chops or her ridiculous abs. An all-around powerhouse, we’re willing to bet she has no issues motivating the kids to finish their homework.

Tagline: Let’s get loud to get proud.

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