Introducing Neighborhood Goods + Smudge Wellness: Stars Aligned

Introducing Neighborhood Goods + Smudge Wellness: Stars Aligned

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Smudge Wellness at Neighborhood Goods, a new type of department store that features an ever-changing landscape of the most thoughtful, exciting, and contemporary brands. Beginning February 26th, you can find Smudge at NG’s Chelsea Market store in Manhattan and their flagship Plano store in Texas -- as well as on their online shop. 

This launch marks Smudge’s first venture into a brick and mortar retail space and it’s not a move that we take lightly. (Don’t worry, we are unpacking our need for control in therapy every week!) We care deeply about the partners we work with and our partnership with Neighborhood Goods is no exception. 

Here are a few of the reasons it was love at first sight:

  • Sharing Brand Stories: When we first met the NG team, we were blown away by their commitment to telling the stories of the brands they feature in their stores. Yes, they obviously care deeply about the actual products they are selling -- but it is equally important for them to showcase the people behind those products and the mission behind the brand. As a spiritual wellness company created to help others find their personal power, it is critically important to work with a retail store that is excited to convey that message to their customers.
  • Creating Experiences and Community: Nothing makes us happier at Smudge than celebrating the connection we have with ourselves and other people. We especially love to do this through rituals, events, and engaging with our customers. NG isn’t just a store; it’s this gorgeous space that was designed to bring people together and create an energetic community. We can’t wait to do all the cool Smudge-y things with the NG crew, including eating and drinking at their in-store restaurants. Did somebody say “order another round of the Smudge Spritz”? 
  • In Good Company: Since its inception a few years ago, the NG team has done an exceptional job curating a family of brands that represents the best of the best and the coolest of what’s to come. When we started considering a retail experience, we knew it had to be at a place where we would be excited to shop at and alongside brands we are  proud of. The opportunity to share the same space with these companies -- Boy Smells! Grown Alchemist! Modern Citizen! --  is something for which we feel eternally grateful. Also? The NG company holiday party is going to be lit! 


We’ll have lots more to share as our partnership grows -- so much magic in store! For now, spread the word to all your favorite New Yorkers and Texans that your favorite out-of-this-world wellness company has landed near them, and stay tuned for updates and news.


Lara and Luigi 

Team Smudge

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