July Theme: In July We Recharge

July Theme: In July We Recharge

In July We Recharge

For many of us, July is a month to do relatively nothing. Think leisurely Saturday barbecues, lazy walks on the beach, ditching any and all clothing that can’t easily fit into a weekend backpack, and a more-than-usual dose of time to kick back, relax, and exhale. And in this particular July, after a jarring if also joyful period of transitioning back into a world of scheduled gatherings and reconnecting in IRL with friends and strangers, you might feel like you need the respite more than ever.

Welcome to the July Recharge. 

Our choice of Recharge for our monthly theme is, as is most of what we do around here at Smudge HQ, full of purpose and intention. Yes, rest is important: self-care, despite its overuse as a salve for everything, is an actual thing that we need to prioritize. But the concept of rest is passive: a pause or a withdrawal. We prefer to ground our action and behavior, even in the quiet month of July, in a concept that is a little more powerful. To paraphrase the always-energizing Miley Cyrus: We can’t stop. We won’t stop. It is, after all, our party to do with what we want.

So for the next four weeks, even as we continue our thrilling reentry into some semblance of normalcy, we will be bringing you empowering content and products (so many shiny new objects!) all centered on helping you embrace and internalize what it means to recharge, Smudge-style:


Reflect -- harnessing your internal power often means taking stock in your current state, and making adjustments as needed to land on that sweet spot of authentically feeling connected with yourself and the world around you. Check in with our weekly astrology outlooks and tarot readings (welcome, Tirrell -- you are going to love the Smudge universe as much as we love you!), and lots of other practically magic guidance on creating mantras, setting intentions, and using self-reflection exercises to recalibrate to be the most YOU you can be.

Replenish -- feeling like you are running on empty? Yeah, we didn’t think we were the only ones. So look out for rituals, spiritual wellness products, and shopping guides all designed to help you fill your tank. We are even cooking up a few recipes meant to literally heal your body and soul without sacrificing the unbeatable taste of summer. Your grilled cheeseburgers could never!

Reclaim -- there is no question that the last year (and for many around the globe, still ongoing) has required a grappling with loss. The loss -- of life, of milestones, of autonomy, of control, and of opportunity -- has been wide-reaching and immeasurable. That’s why this July of Recharge for us also means a month to mindfully consider what has been taken from us and to create an action plan for getting it back. For each of us, the energy we need to reclaim will be as unique as we are. But we’ll provide perspectives, products, and lots of tools for your spiritual wellness arsenal so that no matter what you are healing from, you can successfully dive into this process of reclaiming what is yours. (And yes, the toolbox will include some tips on learning how to have the power to say no to every damn dinner invite.)

It is no coincidence that this month’s theme comes at a time when Team Smudge itself is in need of a reboot. Make no mistake: we are still full of the Joy and Pride we have soaked in the last two months. Life is Good. But just as the stars and moon constantly shift and change, so do our energetic needs. We look forward to embracing that shift with all of you over the course of the next four weeks.


Team Smudge 

A Few Important & Fun dates:
July 4 - Independence Day (U.S.)
July 6 - International Kissing Day
July 7 - Global Forgiveness Day
July 10 - New Moon
July 11 - Cheer up the Lonely Day
July 14 - Bastille Day
July 20 - Moon Day
July 23 - Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony 
July 24 - Full Moon
July 30 - International Day of Friendship

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