Mix it Up at Home to Celebrate National Rosé Day

Mix it Up at Home to Celebrate National Rosé Day

As a former bartender, mixing drinks is something I often still do when friends come over to visit.  When summer time hits, it can be nice to remix the classics to delight and surprise your friends and family with something new to try.  For National Rosé day, I wanted to share some simple 5 ingredients or less recipes for drinks you can share with the people you love.  If you want to make them all a little extra loving, mix them next to your Rose Quartz Crystal Point to give them an extra boast of love. 

I know everyone loves a mimosa, but if you’re making brunch at home, mix it up with a Lychee Rosé Mimosa.  

Lychee Rose Mimosa

INGREDIENTS (Chill all the ingredients prior to mixing)

1 bottle sparkling rosé

2 15 oz cans lychee in syrup, strain and separate lychees from syrup



Pour 1 1/2 ounces lychee syrup and 1 ounce rosewater in a champagne coupe or flute.

Top with sparkling wine.

Garnish with 2-3 lychees and enjoy!

Having a cookout and wanting something delicious and refreshing to serve? Try this Watermelon Rose Slushie cocktail.

Watermelon Rosé Slushie


1 bottle of rosé wine

1 cup of watermelon cubed

handful of ice cubes


Pour your wine into a large container, one with an open mouth and easy pour, do not leave in the bottle.  

Freeze for 6 hours or more until it’s mostly frozen. 

Add all items, wine, watermelon and ice cubes, to a blender and crush.

Serve and enjoy.

Have friend’s coming over to hang by the pool and need to whip up something fast? Serve this Rosé Lemonade!

Rosé Lemonade


1 bottle of rosé wine

1 bottle of your favorite fresh squeezed lemonade (or limeade)
handful of ice cubes


This one is the easiest, simply mix in a pitcher and enjoy. 

Want to get a little fancier and have a Rosé Cocktail made to order? Try this Rosé French 75 portioned for one.  

Rosé French 75


2 ounces Gin or Vodka

1 ounce Elderflower liqueur

1 ounce fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 ounces sparkling rosé

*lemon slices for garnish


Pour gin, elderflower and lemon juice in a shaker and combine.

Pour into cocktail glasses and top with chilled sparkling rosé.

Garnish with a lemon slice and serve

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