November Theme | Gratitude

November Theme | Gratitude

Gratitude for November? Groundbreaking! But hear us out. As we begin this month-long ramp-up to the holiday season, a sometimes blissful, always hectic period for most of us, let’s take a beat to reflect on the awesome power of giving thanks and what it does for our collective spiritual wellness. (For the record, at Smudge HQ we will be skipping the part where we honor the problematic myth of Thanksgiving.)

Over the next four weeks, stay tuned for guidance and strategies for accessing and practicing the daily ritual of Gratitude. Available at our new standalone destination, The Dirt by Smudge, our creators are serving up their brilliant insight on astrology, crystals, tarot, rituals, and beyond -- all designed to help channel your own ability to summon the energies of abundance and appreciation, and how to utilize them to connect to and lift up everything and everybody around us.

We’ll also be hosting some special virtual and IRL events throughout the month and into December, so stay tuned for details on where to find us. (Um...did somebody say NYC pop-up?!?) And what’s that in the not-so-distant future? An epic product drop worthy of all your Cyber Monday dreams.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Today we celebrate being in the present, and send our love to each and every one of you who find your way into our unique, one-of-a-kind Smudge Universe. We are oh-so-grateful for you -- today and every day. 


Lara and Luigi

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