pantry magic: scrying 101

pantry magic: scrying 101

“mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” 

Raise your hand if you recognize this unmistakable line from the *cough* sexist *cough* 1937 Disney Classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Well I hate to break it to you, but if you raised your hand, you’re WRONG! I know what you’re thinking right now: “My whole life is a lie.” I thought the same thing a few years ago, when my now fiance (yes, I’m bragging) pointed this falsity out to me. The world as I knew it crumbled beneath my feet. How could this be? There was only one thing I could do… enter The Google Black Hole. 

Turns out Trevor was right! (FYI it hurt to even type that out.) The evil witch in Snow White actually says “Magic* mirror on the wall”. No really, look it up! Moreover, I discovered that she’s practicing an ancient skill known as “scrying” or “oculomancy”. A practice that I’ve now adapted into my own wellness arsenal. Thanks, Google! And Trevor... I guess. 

wtf is scrying? 

Most of us associate scrying with the silver screen stereotype of a psychic ominously “telling the future” to the wide-eyed protagonist. I personally always think of the Zoltar character in Big. And while Tom Hanks and Co. weren't wrong per se, it’s not the most accurate portrayal of what this scrying really is! Simply put, scrying = revealing. It is a tool historically used by almost every culture to help one access the unconscious through focusing on a singular object that is either reflective or clear. The theory is that the light reflected by these objects triggers a natural "let go" response in the brain, allowing you to take the pressure off the parts of your mind that obsess over problem-solving and solutions (and being right all the time aka me). Accessing this part of our unconscious allows us to have a broader and more robust breadth of thinking which can prove useful when answering life's most challenging questions. . 

 let’s get started

The beauty of this exercise is that you’ll  be able to do it with items found around your house. A fireplace, wax from a candle, smudging smoke, water, or drippings of oil -- all commonly used for scrying! For this particular recipe, we’ll be using the most commonly used medium: a Clear Quartz crystal and a mirror. 


  • A piece of paper and something to write with
  • A mirror and/or a Clear Quartz crystal
  • A lighter or matches 
  • Sage or Palo Santo for smudging (optional)
  • A candle (optional)
  • Something to wipe with (not toilet paper lol) 

recipe prep:

(5-10 minutes)

  • When the sun goes down, find a calm, quiet, dark space.  Preferably this space access to moonlight. Bonus points if it's during a Full Moon. 

  • Gather your supplies and get cozy!  We’re partial to furry blankets and comfy couch cushions, but you do you.

  • Pick some music. Something that puts you in a good mood, but isn’t too loud or distracting.

  • Light the candle and smudge, imagining your surrounding area being cleared of any lingering negative energy.

  • Take the mirror and the Clear Quartz and wipe them clean. 

  • Place the mirror in front of you and the crystal on top 

  • Using your writing tools, write down questions that will serve as guidance for your scrying. Try to not be too specific! Remember that we’re intending to access the unconscious mind, not looking to tell the future. Questions can be as broad as “What is my purpose?” or as common as “What holds me back?”. You may write several questions down, just remember that an answer is not the end result. 

  • When you’re done writing, place the piece of paper underneath the mirror. 

get to cooking:

(20-30 mins)

Close your eyes and take a few minutes to breathe deeply in and out of your mouth. When you open them again, focus immediately on the crystal and the mirror in front of you and don’t get distracted by your surroundings. Keep the gaze soft and allow your eyes to focus on one thing at a time. Notice how the light from the candle bounces off the mirror and crystal. Notice the shapes of the reflections and how they become distorted. Try not to analyze. Just notice it all.

As you continue staring, your mind will enter an altered state. Don't panic or force yourself into being present. Allow your mind to wander and come back as it pleases. Allow your imagination to conjure up images in the mirror. It’s common to see loved ones, words, landscapes. I once saw what I thought was Paris Hilton (not kidding) in my scrying mirror! When it feels natural, revisit the question or questions that you wrote down. Imagine seeing the writing through the mirror and crystal and allow images to appear again. When you've finished, give yourself a moment to write down everything you saw and try not to analyze what any of it actually means!

Sit in the candle light for a few minutes longer allowing your mind to return to it's natural state. Be careful to blow out the candle and make sure the smudge isn't still burning! Take the piece of paper with your writing and place it somewhere near where you sleep. Your unconscious will continue to process as you rest. 


See? Scrying is simply awesome. And just like with every good thing, practice makes perfect! Do it whenever you feel the need to connect to your unconscious. When you want to let go. When you want to feel powerful but don't want to feel like you need all the answers. 

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