Profiles of Power -- an Introduction

Profiles of Power -- an Introduction


Today we are thrilled to introduce to you the Smudge Profiles of Power, a series of deep dives into the different types of energy we summon within each of us when building a personal spiritual wellness practice. We will be sharing all we have learned about the healing crystals, tools, and rituals that enhance Courage, Love, Intuition, Purpose, Opportunity, and Calm through articles, instructional videos, and our new product collections. Team Smudge has been working hard these last few months on this project -- and we are fully charged and ready to help you sparkle!

But what we are REALLY excited about is introducing you to six individuals who represent each of these types of energy. Our Smudge Power Rangers. Our Rock Stars. Our badass ambassadors of a new version of spiritual wellness who prove, beautifully and magically, that wellness is not one-size-fits-all, but is available and accessible to everybody who dares to harness their own one-of-a-kind strength.

Over the next two weeks you will meet each of these wellness warriors and learn how they incorporate spiritual wellness into their daily lives. We will share their personal stories -- spoiler alert: they are incredible -- and share the tools and rituals they use to amplify their unique power in order to feel more connected to themselves and the world around them.

Our reasoning behind this initiative is simple. When we were diving into our own journeys of self-reflection and personal growth, we were discouraged by how often “wellness” was defined by an impossible quest for perfection or to look, feel, and exist in a certain way. Not only did this version seem unachievable, but it often left us feeling exhausted, dissatisfied, and very much unwell. It was only when we rolled up our sleeves to dig into what made us tick, literally discovering the power that moved us, that we started to truly feel like ourselves. The process wasn’t always pretty, it wasn’t always happy, but it was boldly, unequivocally us. We learned to love ourselves not in spite of our contrast to an impossible definition of “well” but because of that contrast. 

Our celebration of these different kinds of personal power, and of these six amazing people who represent them, is a celebration of self-compassion and the awe-inspiring potential of all humans, including each one of you.

You are Courage. You are Love. You are Intuition. You are Purpose. You are Opportunity. You are Calm. 

You are Magic.


Team Smudge

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