Profiles of Power -- Intuition with Katina Mountanos

Profiles of Power -- Intuition with Katina Mountanos

Profiles of Power is a series of deep dives into the lives of six individuals who we believe embody the energies of Courage, Love, Intuition, Purpose, Opportunity, and Calm. These badass ambassadors of a new version of spiritual wellness prove, beautifully and magically, that wellness is not one-size-fits-all, but is available and accessible to everybody who dares to harness their own one-of-a-kind strength.

We are told from an early age that we should “go with our gut,” but few of us make that skill a central part of our identity. Even fewer are able to use it to form the foundation of an entire career. But for Katina Mountanos, that’s exactly what she did. 

Today we learn more about how she harnessed the formidable power of Intuition and, in the process, helped others live a more meaningful adulthood by following their own lead.

Katina, the powerhouse writer and founder of the popular blog On Adulting, first started to recognize the value of listening to her inner voice as a teenager. “The first time I ever met Her was when I was sixteen years old and on a long run. I was so used to hearing my ego continue to tell me the stories that everyone around me (my parents, friends, teachers, society) wanted me to believe - but for one tiny moment I heard a quiet-but-strong voice that said: Keep going.”

That voice started getting louder once Katina started studying for a business degree at New York University. A daughter of small business owners, Katina felt like a fish out of water in a land of aspiring Wall Streeters. Even though she was doing well, something deep inside was telling her that this wasn’t quite the right path for her. She credits her decision to graduate early and an extended backpacking trip through Australia in really waking up her Intuition and allowing it to start becoming her compass.

Though she initially took a job at Goldman Sachs, a “traditional” job for somebody with her degree and background, she realized early on that was not a role that was going to suit her in the long-term. The now-familar voice of Intuition spoke to her again, urging her to carve a different path -- even if it was different from the one most people would choose. Her solution was to work within Goldman to help create an environmental sustainability practice, an initiative deeply aligned with the issues she cared about. She was learning to act on her own expectations for herself than on the ones set by other people -- and was thriving as a result.

Emboldened and feeling more like herself than ever before, Katina looked for more opportunities to use her superpower.

Around this time, she launched her now-famous blog. Different from the viral, get-noticed-fast social media lifestyle accounts that were increasing in popularity, Katina’s followed her Intuition and focused on building a steady audience with her relatable, but content-rich articles about how twentysomethings can incorporate mindfulness successfully and easily into their daily lives. Her gut told her that success would come by staying connected to the message she wanted to get across, while cultivating a loyal audience -- even if prevailing wisdom was telling her something different. 

As her audience has grown -- On Adulting has over 25,000 followers on Instagram and counts a podcast, a website, coaching, and a new business among its many endeavors -- Katina’s belief in her power of Intuition has grown as well. “To me, intuition is the seat of our personal power - it's our highest, best self who is always nudging us closer to who we want to be.”

Unsurprisingly given how in tune Katina is to herself, spiritual wellness plays an important role in amplifying her out-of-this-world instincts. “Spiritual wellness and intuition are inextricably linked; I see my spiritual practice as a tool to help me harness my intuitive power. I've found that any moments of quiet - like meditation or even cuddling with my pup for a few minutes - allow me to slow down and reconnect to that internal power.” 

It’s a good thing Katina has honed the fine art of resting in order to re-energize -- she has a lot on her plate. When asked what’s on the horizon for this Intuitive rockstar, it seems the limit does not exist:

“My book, On Adulting: How Millennials (Or Any Human, Really) Can Work Less, Live More And Bend The Rules For Good published by Skyhorse Publishing / Simon & Schuster hits bookshelves on 11/24! You can pre-order the book anywhere books are sold, but if you purchase through my website you'll receive a signed copy.”

A fierce and beautiful voice on how to find and listen to your own inner compass, we are a forever fan of Katina and her unstoppable power of Intuition. A note directly from Katina to our Smudge community: “I would love to connect with you all - please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram (or any form of social media - Tiktok, FB, Pinterest) at @onadulting. Or drop me a note through my website at”

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