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Queer Healers and Shakers in Wellness

Queer Healers and Shakers in Wellness

Jun 14, 2021

Author: Morgan Fykes

  • activism
  • community
  • wellness

In the spirit of this month’s theme of Pride, we are shining light on some of our favorite LGBTQ+ People in Wellness Spaces.  There are a lot of very talented folks from the community that work in wellness in various capacities.  During this season of Pride, we wanted to spotlight and introduce you to some of our faves to follow.  We'd love to hear some of your faves.  Tag them on our IG Post on @SmudgeWellness.

In alphabetical order:
Known for:
Where to Find Them: (Follow Their Link for more!)

Alli Simon
Yoga And Meditation Facilitator

Picture of Alli Simon


Alice Derock
CEO And Founder, Wet For Her

Andrea Barrica
CEO And Founder,

Annie Elainey
Lifestyle/Opinion Vlogger - Writer - Advocate
Youtube: theannieelainey


Amy Quichiz
Founder, Veggie Mijas

Berenice Dimas
Herbalist & Doula
Queerhealers - berenice-dimas

Blair Imani
Founder And Executive Director, Equality For Her


Dru Ish
Queerhealers - dru-ish

Eli Ryn Brown
Meditation Instructor
Queerhealers - eli-ryn-brown

Elle Johnston
Breathwork & Yoga Teacher
Queerhealers - elle-johnston


Ericka Hart
Sex educator and writer

Gloria Noto
Founder, NOTO Botanics

Ilya Parker
Coach & physical therapist assistant


Julz Bolinayen
Tattoo Ritualist & Hilot Binabaylan
Queerhealers - julz-bolinayen

Kat Bagley and Mary-Taylor Valand
Co-Founders, Venus Moon Ranch and Nectar Of The Goddess


Keisha Soleil
Ritual Worker & Herbalist
Queerhealers - keisha-soleil

Kim Goulbourne
Founder, You & Sundry

María Mónica Andia
MSW, Program Coordinator, The National Queer And Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN)

Nathalie Huerta
Founder, The Queer Gym

Sonalee Rashatwar
Founder, Radical Therapy Center

Sparkle Thornton
Yoga instructor, massage therapist, Founder of a queer and trans yoga retreat


Tara Torres
Queer Chicana herbalist, Founder of Xol Y Luna 

Dr Veronica Ivy
Professor of philosophy and world-champion cyclist


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