Rest & Recharge Influencers to Follow

Rest & Recharge Influencers to Follow

In the spirit of this month’s theme of Recharge, we are shining light on some of our favorite Rest Advocates in Wellness Spaces.  There are a lot of very talented folks from the community that advocate for Recharge in various capacities.  We wanted to spotlight and introduce you to some of our faves to follow.  We'd love to hear some of your faves.  Tag them on our IG Post on @SmudgeWellness.

In alphabetical order:
Known for:
Where to Find Them: (Follow Their Link for more!)

Adriana Adele
Plant enthusiast and yoga for better rest, mind and body

Dr. Amy M. Bender
Director of clean sleep science
@sleep4sport or @cerebraofficial

Amanda Archibald
Registered Nurse and Sleep Consultant

Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell
Certified Sleep Specialist & Pediatrician Health and Wellness Blogger

Annie Schlecht
Sleep Consultant and Reiki Practices

Arianna Huffington
CEO of Thrive Global with mission is to end the stress & burnout epidemic
@ariannahuff or @thrivezp

Becca Campbell
I help tired parents make sleep a thing through online courses for ages 0-5 years old

Chrissy L
Sleep Expert Licensed Therapist Simple, effective ways to get your baby sleeping More joy, less overwhelm Reclaim the magic of motherhood

Claire Gentle
Sleep Consultant holistic and in room methods

Crystal Jones
healing, helping black and queer people through coaching, breath work, and sound baths

Erin and Team
Pediatric sleep and sleep coach

Joan Canning
Gentle Sleep Coach

Katelyn Thompson
Certified Sleep Coach

Lara Rabb
Sleep Coach

Latham Thomas
advocate for the health of Black mothers and taking the fear out of the birthing process

Lauren Wolf
Sleep consultant, founder of Lolo Lullaby, online sleep webinars

Lindsey Hennigar
Certified Sleep consultant and pediatrician

Renee Sciulli
Baby Sleep Therapist and Holistic sleep practices

Rosy Whitwell
Sleep Practitioner

Sandra Lopez
Health Coach for anxiety, stress and insomnia

Taylor Kulik
Sleep & Well-Being Specialist Conscious & respectful parenting Empowering, attachment-focused sleep & parenting support eCourses

Tracy Laskowski Miller
Sleep Products Innovator Pillows.

Tonja B
Certified Sleep Coach

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