Rituals for Action and Focus

Rituals for Action and Focus

Sometimes we get distracted. You know, from that book we’re reading, from that work project, from, well, life. It can be hard to be on your A game 100% of the time - and at Smudge, we know that and we feel you. Coming up with an action plan to follow can feel like a good idea, but what about when you’re not focused enough to follow through with it? That’s when we suggest adding a ritual or two to your spiritual practice!

There are specific rituals for specific things, like joy, focus, courage, and more. We’re bringing you rituals for focus and action so that you can find the boost you need to kick that distracted mindset and get focused on what’s important in your life. Adding an action ritual or two into your spiritual practice will help motivate you to not only get focused, but to then take action and move forward with the tasks at hand. The action can be the hardest part - but we’ve got your back!

Choose the ritual or rituals below that speak to you and give them a test drive. Find out how they fit into your life and practice and keep what feels good and is right for you. There’s a simple beginner’s ritual, a more committed beginner’s ritual, and a ritual that includes an opportunity to express yourself and create - which we always love! All of them will support you finding focus and action to help move through whatever you have going on in your life - because let’s face it, there’s always something, isn’t there?

Red Jasper Action Ritual. One of the best beginner’s rituals because it only requires one item, the Red Jasper Action Ritual will help you get the ball rolling on that important thing in your life that you just can’t get motivated for. This is a great one to repeat multiple times, gaining momentum and energy each time you practice it!

  • You will need:

    • a Red Jasper stone

  • Step 1: Find a space in your home where you will be uninterrupted and get into a comfortable position.

  • Step 2: Place your hands palm sides up, ready to receive energy, with your Red Jasper in your right palm and close your eyes.

  • Step 3: Ask yourself: What part of my life do I need to take action in?

  • Step 4: Once you have this part in mind, focus on your Red Jasper and ask it to surround you with motivation and help you take action.

  • Step 5: Carry your Red Jasper with you in a pocket or purse to have this energy with you all throughout your day.

The 7 Day Action Ritual. This ritual is also a beginner’s ritual, but it requires more of a commitment! This is one you will work on for seven days straight, making a short amount of time available during the day or at night before you go to sleep. 

    • You will need:

      • 1 orange candle

      • a photo or memento from something that motivates you

    • Step 1: Find a safe space to light your candle.

    • Step 2: Place the photo or memento at the base of your candle so it is in clear line of sight to you.

    • Step 3: Recite the following words:

  • I light this candle to bring action into my life.
  • I will create my own reality,

    Without problems or conflicts.

    My actions will be the light showing me the

    right journey even on the darkest days.

    • Step 3: Repeat this short ritual for seven days in a row, solidifying your call for motivation and action to enter your life and help move you forward.

    Vision Board Ritual for Focus. This is a ritual we love, because it’s also a creative activity! Expressing yourself is an amazing form of self-care, so we’re all about it. Have fun with this one and enjoy looking at your vision board any time of the day or night, it’s there to remind you of your ritual and the things you’re working toward in your life!

    • You will need:

      • a piece of cardboard, the size you want your vision board to be

      • various magazines, catalogs, etc.

      • scissors

      • a glue stick

      • incense

      • a white candle

    • Step 1: Create your vision board by cutting out images that resonate with what you need to focus on and your future and gluing them onto your cardboard

    • Step 2: When your vision board is completed, hang it on a wall or lean it against a wall and set up your incense and white candle in front of it

    • Step 3: Light your candle and incense

    • Step 4: Spend 5-10 minutes looking at your vision board and imagining what your life will look like once you’ve completed the tasks you’ve been focused on

    • Step 5: Every full moon, repeat this ritual until your focus has come full circle and you’ve accomplished the items on your vision board

    A ritual for action or focus can be just the uplift you need to get to work on what’s on your plate - whatever that may be! It’s important to identify when action needs to be taken in your life, otherwise we can feel low and misaligned with our life and our purpose. The Red Jasper Action Ritual is perfect for exactly that, and the rituals can continue supporting you once you’ve recognized where you need to take action and put your focus. Use them all in tandem, in an order that makes sense for you, or just one that speaks to you. We’re behind you and can already see you making strides forward!

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