Rituals for Loving on Yourself

Rituals for Loving on Yourself

One thing that I've noticed people often forget is that we are all experts in at least one thing in this world, ourselves.  No one on Earth knows you better than you know yourself, not even your parents or friends.  The people in your life love and care about you and that is wonderful and important and it is also important to have and feed a practice of loving yourself. 

Whether we realize it or not, many of us look to others to love us deeply and unconditionally.  The twist is that too many of us don’t even love ourselves in that way.  One of the best ways to attract what we want is to be what we want.  So here are some rituals for loving on yourself deeply and unconditionally.

A self-love ritual will help you connect, heal and come back into alignment with yourself.  There are many ways to love yourself and it is a practice that requires you to revisit it from time to time to fill your cup back up.  

 I generally keep most of these things on hand but here’s a list so you know what you need to gather before you get started: 

  • A Gift for yourself, from yourself (treat yourself)

  • Journal

  • Rose quartz crystal

  • Bath supplies (salts, candles, essential oil, special soaps, lotions, etc)

  • Your favorite beverage (optional)

  • An Oracle/tarot deck (optional)

  • Pick Your Favorite Self Love Meditation Track

  • Select one of the following Rituals for Self-Love


To get set up do the following before you begin your ritual:

  • Prepare your gift - Pick out the perfect gift for yourself. Something you’ve been wanting but holding off on for whatever reason.  Pick out some beautiful wrapping paper and a topper and wrap your gift with intention.

  • Clear your space by making sure your space feels open and inviting to you. Tidy up the space so you can work comfortably.

  • Light candles or incense and take a few deep breaths to help bring yourself into the present moment.


Self Love Rituals: You can pick one, do a few or do them all together (I recommend doing them all if you can), select whatever feels right for you to fill up your cup.  

  • Journal to connect within: Have a conversation with yourself and really take time to reflect on how you’ve been doing and where you want to go. Ask yourself: How have you been feeling? How have things been going? What do I want to manifest into my life? What am I ready to heal? In what ways can I bring more self-love and care into my life on a consistent basis?

  • Ritual bath: Run a hot bath and add in some salts and oils - adding Epsom or pink Himalayan salts to detox your body and energetically clear yourself. You can add your rose quartz crystals into the bath to amplify their loving energy.  Essential oils are also a great addition to a bath ritual.  Get a fun and fancy glass to pour your beverage into and place it on the ledge of the tub for you to enjoy.  Place candles around your bath and play soothing music. I’m a fan of singing bowls to add in a little sound healing.  Slip into the water and be still.  Allow the water to hold and heal your body and spirit.  

  • Check in with your body: Sometimes we become disconnected from our bodies without even realizing it.  We all carry different feelings in our bodies that we should hold time to acknowledge and address.  Oftentimes those feelings are centered in shame which can cause illness in our bodies. Check in to release these feelings before they manifest into more.  Place your hands where it has always hurt your heart to think about, or a place on your body that makes you feel bad about yourself. With your hands on your body, sending loving energy and thoughts to this area. I say “I’m so sorry I’ve felt sad about you for so long. I’m sorry and I love you.” Repeat the words “I’m sorry” and “I love you” in your mind as many times as it feels good.  Feel the energy shift in this area of your body. Place your rose quartz crystal on top of it and send the loving intention into the crystal that you want to begin to heal and love yourself.

  • Lotion with Intention: As you put lotion or oil on your body, touching each part of yourself, say the words “I love you as you are” in your mind while sending loving energy to that body part.  This can be done after your bath and can be repeated daily.

  • Write a love letter to yourself:  In your prepared space, sit down to write a love letter to yourself.  You can start it off with any of the following lines: I love you because…, I’m so proud that you…, You’ve shown resilience in the way you’ve…, I’m so sorry for…, I want to heal…, The ways I want to spend more time with you are…, You deserve…, I love the way you…., Keep this letter once you’ve written it and refer back to it frequently.  Maybe place it above your desk or on the bathroom mirror.  

  • Talk with the Universe and pull a Self-love oracle/tarot spread: Here are some questions you can ask while pulling - How can I connect with my Higher Self, What do I need to heal or Focus on to begin the healing process, What will be the Outcome of healing yourself, Message from the Universe.  

  • Self-love meditation - Close out your self care session by opening up the gift you gave yourself, express gratitude to yourself and the universe for the gift and then laying down and turn on the meditation track (I recommend I Am Surrounded By Love by Beautiful Chorus).  Allow the love to wash over you and heal you.  Receive your own love and the healing energy from the Universe. 

Once you have finished the ritual, bask in the love overflowing from your cup and as you feel the abundance, consider making this a regular part of your schedule to ensure that your cup remains full. 

This is what I usually do when I need to love on myself, head over to Smudge Wellness Instagram and share with us how you love on yourself.

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