Rituals for Re-Aligning with the Universe

Rituals for Re-Aligning with the Universe

When it comes to your spiritual practice, what’s one of the biggest benefits from it that you can think of? The ability to align ourselves with the universe is pretty high on our list!

Why? Because when we’re aligned with the universe, our lives shift into a flow state. We find ourselves feeling like we’re where we’re meant to be, when we’re meant to be there. We find things “falling” into place, our questions being answered, and things happening without reason or explanation that improve our lives and relationships. And who can’t use a little more of that?

When you work on aligning yourself with the universe, you invite ease and healing into your world in a way that softens the hard edges of day-to-day life. 

The question then becomes: how, exactly, do you align with the universe?

We have you covered! We’re bringing you a handful of powerful spiritual rituals for aligning yourself with the universe that can supercharge your intentions and shift you into a space of connection. Each ritual has its own uniqueness, but they all have a common thread: you’ll find signs of alignment from the universe begin to surface as you incorporate them into your practice.

Ready to get yourself realigned? Let’s jump in!

The Manifestation Ritual

One way to re-align yourself with the universe is - you guessed it, to manifest it! We already know how powerful manifestation is, but when you add ritual to manifestation? You boost the energetic force surrounding your vision. 

Looking for a simple spiritual ritual to add to your arsenal that will help you re-align? This one’s for you! 

  • You will need:
    • a white candle
    • a crystal (moonstone signifies the powers of the universe and is a perfect pick for this ritual)
    • Step 1: Find a quiet place where you can comfortably sit and you’ll be uninterrupted.
    • Step 2: Light your candle and, holding your crystal in your right hand, close your eyes.
    • Step 3: Take a few deep, grounding breaths and begin to visualize the following:
      As you sit in stillness, your breath running deeply through your body, you recognize a faint white light growing stronger around you. This is the light of the universe. Imagine the light slowly forming into a glowing ball above your head. The white light from the glowing ball begins to flow down through the top of your head and down your spine. You are now in perfect alignment with the universe.
    • Step 4: Sit in meditation with this visualization for as long as feels comfortable for you.
    • Step 5: When you feel ready, bring your meditation to a close and blow out the candle.
    • Step 6: Return to this visual manifestation of your alignment with the universe as often as you can.

    Amplification Ritual for Letting Go

    One thing that blocks our alignment with the universe the most? Holding onto things that aren’t meant for us! Trust us, we know it’s not easy to let go. Saying you’ll let go and actually doing it are two very different things, and one is way easier than the other. 

    Add this ritual into your spiritual practice to help with the process of letting go and find your re-alignment with the universe flowing back into your life more easily and effortlessly.

    • You will need:
      • A small bowl of water
      • 3 candles, any color
      • a clear quartz crystal, commonly known as the spirit stone
    • Step 1: Place your bowl of water in the middle of a table or on the floor in front of you, and place your candles in a triangle around your bowl.
    • Step 2: Light your candles and take your quartz into your right hand, closing your eyes.
    • Step 3: Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself.
    • Step 4: Begin to reflect on what you feel you’re holding onto that needs to be let go of.
    • Step 5: Open your eyes and place your quartz gently into your bowl of water; water amplifies the energy of crystals.
    • Step 6: Focus on your crystal in the bottom of your bowl and imagine letting go of what’s holding you back, freeing yourself to re-align with the universe with no blocks. This vision and the energy and intention you place behind it will be amplified by the water surrounding your quartz.
    • Step 7: When you finish this ritual, blow out your candles. Keep your quartz with you in a pocket or purse to carry its powerful energy with you.

    Candle Connection Ritual

    This is one of our favorite rituals! Even though it’s a bit more complex and requires more items and a more demanding time investment, it’s incredibly powerful and connects you with your inner light as you re-align with the universe. 

    • You will need:
      • a black candle
      • a white candle
      • a dark-colored crystal, think onyx or tourmaline 
      • a clear quartz crystal
      • 2 small pieces of paper
      • a pen
      • Step 1: Find a space you can dedicate to practicing your ritual and set up your space following these guidelines:
        • Place your black candle to the left with your dark crystal in front of it
        • Place your white candle to the right with your quartz crystal in front of it
        • Step 2: Light your black candle.
        • Step 3: Write on your first piece of paper the ways you feel out of alignment with the universe and anything you feel is blocking your connection.
        • Step 4: Place this piece of paper underneath the dark crystal.
        • Step 5: Write on your second piece of paper the following:
          I am now connected to Divine Light.
          I now connect my Higher Self with the Universe.
        • Step 6: Place this second piece of paper underneath the quartz crystal.
        • Step 7: Carefully use the black candle to burn the small piece of paper you placed beneath the dark crystal and blow out the candle.
        • Step 8: Meditate on the white candle and the sensation of re-connecting and re-aligning with the universe.
        • Step 9: Recite the following: The ritual is now complete, thank you Universe for your assistance.
        • Step 10: Blow out the white candle and keep the small piece of paper from beneath the quartz crystal on your altar or nightstand.

        Now that you’ve perused the rituals, know this: each of these spiritual rituals brings with it an energy of its own. Choosing your ritual should feel much like choosing a crystal - you’ll be more drawn to one over the others and feel a connection with it instinctually. 

        Whether you practice the Manifestation Ritual, the Amplification Ritual for Letting Go, or the Candle Connection Ritual, go into your ritual with the best of intentions for aligning yourself with the universe and be open and willing to see the outcome. We often miss signs of alignment from the universe because we’re too busy or caught up in everyday life.

        Try making it a point to check in with yourself throughout the day while you’re practicing your ritual. Ask yourself, “...in what ways is the universe showing me alignment today?” 

        Fill us in on the ways the universe is working in your life by connecting with us at @SmudgeWellness!

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