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September Theme: Honoring Commitment

September Theme: Honoring Commitment

Aug 31, 2021

Author: Lara Corey

  • action
  • astrology
  • centered
  • connection
  • energy
  • intention
  • purpose
  • rituals
  • self-care

As we move into the fall, life obligations always seem to pick up full steam ahead, leaving many of us feeling stretched thin and untethered. And while no amount of pumpkin spice anything is likely to help us maintain our sense of balance when our calendars start to overflow, there are invaluable tools and rituals within our spiritual wellness practice that can help honor and celebrate September’s theme: commitment

This month, we’ll take a deep dive into what commitment means in the larger context of a spiritual wellness practice built on mindful self-compassion and self-love. Because while we wholly endorse the concept of self-care and establishing boundaries that invite our ability to preserve and amplify our powers of calm, gratitude, and joy, we must nonetheless continue to navigate our real-life need to fully engage with the universe beyond just ourselves. Absolutely, connection with self is critical, but it is through purposeful connection to all these other facets of our lives -- in an authentic and true-to-you way! -- that you can unlock the real magic.

So let’s explore together what commitment looks like when we galvanize the unique internal, interpersonal, and cosmic energy that’s coming to the table this month. Stay tuned for guidance from our growing team of creators (we can’t wait to introduce you to some new faces this month!), serving up news you can use from the fields of astrology, tarot, ritual, crystal healing, and more -- all aimed at helping you crush the commitment game this September and beyond.

Some Important September Dates (all dates are EST):

  • New Moon -- September 6th 
  • Full Moon -- September 20th 
  • Autumnal Equinox -- September 22nd
  • Virgo Season ends -- September 22nd
  • Libra Season starts -- September 23rd
  • Mercury Retrograde starts -- September 27th


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