Signs as Drag Queens

Signs as Drag Queens

Happy Pride chickadees! When we think about pride, we must give recognition to the pioneers of queer culture who have paved the way for the representation of our community in the media. Drag Queens. One of these pioneers, RuPaul Charles, has created a platform to allow us to open our hearts to so many incredible performers. Let’s explore the drag aesthetics and performance styles of various queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race that embody the energy of the zodiac signs. 

Note: the pairs are not necessarily what the queen’s sign is but rather what their aesthetics and performance styles embody. For example, RuPaul is a Scorpio but sometimes their drag aesthetic radiates very much Leo energy.

Aries: Shangela Laquifa Wadley (Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon)

Shangela is the perfect representation of Aries energy. The underdog who just wants to impress Momma Ru with their growth. She is the embodiment of hard work paying off and what happens when you put a little faith in someone. Let’s not forget though about her straightforward, what you see is what you get personality and gag-worthy performances that are as hot as any Aries.

Taurus: Bianca Del Rio (Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon)

Now, why would the queen of shade be associated with the kind-hearted Taurus energy? Well if you’ve ever been read by a Taurus you would know. Bianca’s trademark silhouette radiates the essence of the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality of Taurus’, who knows how to turn up the glamour when they need to. Additionally, Bianca being somewhat cold on the outside, but being a big softy on the inside gives us a tie to her personality being like the loveableness of a Taurus.

Gemini: Utica Queen (Gemini Sun)


Utica Queen is one of the newer RuGirls on the scene, but that doesn’t make her any less iconic as the representation of Gemini. As a Gemini herself, she is truly quirky, cookie, and original. She is the perfect blend of niche humor and intellectual references which truly embodies that innovation that can only come from a Gemini. With her outgoing personality, radically diverse looks, and performances that always can make us laugh, Utica Queen is a Gemini icon we can all love. 

Cancer: Jiggly Caliente 

Cancer’s always underestimate themselves, and we saw Jiggly on season 4 not believe in herself. HOWEVER, just like Cancers, Jiggly has grown into a fully realized queen through finding confidence in her own beauty. Jiggly stole the hearts of everyone by showing us her true colors. The strong comedic exterior coupled with a deeply emotional and caring persona is exactly why she embodies the Cancer way. 

Leo: Manila Luzon (Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon)

When I think of Leos, I think of the intersection between camp glamour, and that is where Manila Luzon lives. Leos are ruled by the sun, which is all about the eleganza extravaganza, but with a personalized twist. Manila Luzon shines on all fronts, which is the true Leo energy. Leo is ruled by the sun so it is necessary that a queen who embodies Leo’s energy being equally as radiant and warm. 

Virgo: Trixie Mattel

The folky queen has to be an earth sign & the dark sense of humor definitely makes her embody her Virgo. Their incredibly polished but specific drag aesthetic screams the particularity of Virgos. Trixie, being a Virgo herself, is the quintessential energy of this sign. Bringing a very intellectual approach to her roast style comedy, and awareness to details of their aesthetic that only could be pulled off the way a Virgo would.

Libra: Violet Chatchki 

Like Libras, Violet has been coined as a look queen, which she rightfully deserves. Anyone who knows anything Violet knows that she is more than just a pretty face. She is an intellectual artist who brings drag at the intersection of artistry and intellect. Their wealth of fashion references and strong understanding of the intecresies of burlesque makes her a beautiful representation of Libra qualities. She can also read like no other which is very much a Libra mood.

Scorpio: Adore Delano

When you look at Adore Delano, you can just tell that they are a Scorpio Rising. I mean, the grunge, the badassery, the ability to be so unbothered by what the rest of society is doing. Though Scorpios might not always be a “party”, Adore’s unique identity that is shown through their drag aesthetic and performance style shows us how fun Scorpio influence can be! But like all Scorpios, Adore is hard on the outside, soft on the inside, occasionally taking hits when people criticize their perspective on performance.

Sagittarius: Katya Zamolodchikova (Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, Gemini Rising)

Self-proclaimed “scorching hot mess in a skin-tight dress”, Katya RADIATES Sagittarius energy. Despite being a Taurus, Katya is anything but predictable when it comes to their drag and that is exactly why they radiate Sagittarius energy. With lively gymnastics inspired stunts, and a unique perspective that always has a humorous twist, anyone who has seen a Katya show knows that 

Capricorn: Latrice Royale

Large and in charge. Chunky yet funky. Latrice mother tucking Royale. A legend in the drag scene. Beloved by all for their hard work, determination, and poise, Latrice is teh embodiment of Capricornian ideals. With a Capricorn Moon, it is no surprise that Latrice is so put together and radiates a strength that is unmatched. Just like Capricorns as well, her aesthetic reminds us of the values of tradition and knowing where you came from in order to succeed today. 

Aquarius: Alaska

No one can do Alaska like Alaska the same way no one can do Aquarius like Aquarius. I always say that Aquarius’ are the hardest sign to pinpoint because they are so unique and diverse. Alaska embodies the Aquarius energy with their edge fashion sense, groundbreaking performances, and their incredibly intellectual humor. It helps too that Alaska claims to be from the planet Glamtron making her persona support the Aquarius being Alien stereotype. 

Pisces: Crystal Methyd

Crystal Methyd, finalist of Season 12, gives us all the Pisces energy with her drag aesthetic and personality. A air of quirkiness to all of their looks which has a dreamlike and fantasy quality to them. There is always a very out and campy quality to Crystal. There is a slight aloofness to this queen, but that is what makes them so endearing (just like Pisces) When talking about Crystal, we also need to remember how sweet and sentimental she is with everything she does. Having such a warm presence and smile that could light up a room, she has a heart just as big as any Pisces.

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