SMUDGE CRYSTAL LIBRARY: A Deeper Look at White Howlite & Rose Quartz

SMUDGE CRYSTAL LIBRARY: A Deeper Look at White Howlite & Rose Quartz

We've talked about White Howlite & Rose Quartz in the Smudge Crystal Library before! As we add more of them to the store, we wanted to revisit all the dope ways that these stones can be used.  Here are a couple of exciting ways that you can activate and use these stones.

Crystal Sleep Aids

Howlite is a very calming stone that can be used as an antidote to insomnia.  Placed under the pillow, it can help an overactive mind.  I've started using Headspace to meditate before bed which is a great time to hold onto and tap into your crystal.  It can also be used to grid around the bed to aid with sleep.

Getting Things Done

Howlite creates spiritual and material ambition and aids in achieving that ambition.  Howlite opens our attunement and prepares our mind to receive wisdom and insight.  Use this crystal to tap into the power of this stone and use it to aid you in achieving your goals.

Bring Love to You

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace.  It is an important crystal for both the heart and the heart chakra.  It purifies and opens our hearts bringing both inner healing and self-love.  If you are looking to draw more love into your life, this romantic stone is the one for you.  Place it by your bed or in the relationship corner of your home.  Rose quartz takes negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations.

Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz is one of the finest crystals for healing.  It can help with releasing unexpressed emotions, heartache and soothing internalized pain.  This stone can strengthen your empathy and sensitivity.  Rose quartz teaches you us how to love ourselves and makes us receptive.


These are just a few more ways to utilize these two powerful crystals.  Would love to hear on social how you use your White Howlite or Rose Quartz.

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