the 8 places you never knew you needed crystals

the 8 places you never knew you needed crystals

Originally published on January 18, 2019. While some of these spots are not quarantine-friendly, we are including them. Call us optimists or maybe we're just engaging in some good intention-setting: in either case, we look forward to slipping our Tiger's Eye into a gym bag soon! Until then, surround yourself with these at-home crystals. 

At Smudge, we think of crystals as practical tools. We use them to infuse our rituals and habits with purposeful intentions that create an impact. But even when being pragmatic, we think our daily routines deserve a dose of mysticism. That’s where crystals come in! 

Here's are eight places where healing crystals can add some magic to even the most mundane parts of your day:


1. in your car

Let’s break it down. You’re spending a healthy chunk of your day maneuvering a two ton hunk-o-metal around busy streets, and even if you’re in California like we are, sometimes in the rain! The horror. Take some precautions, if not for your safety, then in anticipation of your inevitable road rage. We recommend Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz for protection and grounding -- though we’ll admit sometimes giving the middle finger just feels so damn good!

2. your makeup bag

Bronzer ✅ Highlighter ✅ Lip gloss ✅ Magic rocks ✅✅✅

Our favorite ritual of all time deserves a little mystic boost - and we’re not talking about a spray tan! It’s no secret that feeling good can help you feel better about what you see in the mirror. The next time you pull out your makeup palette, first set out a Rose Quartz for self-love or Aventurine for confidence. These stones could help you fully realize the true beauty that lies within you. And if that beauty is then outwardly expressed with a flawless contour and glossy lips, more power to ya!

3. girls’ night out

The next time you make plans to party at your fave Friday night spot, take a few crystals in your clutch. The right stone could replace even the most qualified wing person.  Aquamarine to keep you cool, calm, and collected when you run into your crush. Carnelian is that fiery friend who just wants to dance until the sun rises. Looking to get lucky? Botswana Agate will bring you good fortune.

 4. under your pillow/mattress

Bad dreams or insomnia can leave you energetically drained and rendered useless - not good when you’re trying to get ahead in your career or making moves to rule the world! Try placing a few stones underneath your pillow (or mattress if you move a lot in your sleep). Celestite can be a powerful stone for aiding in peaceful slumber and serenity. Additionally, Selenite is a foundational crystal used to erase any worries or negativity in your day. Use Selenite right after you wash your hair for clear chakras. You might even wake up with effortless beachy waves!

 5. your gym bag

Do you even sage, bro?! Strenuous physical activity is believed to be governed by the root chakra - the grounding point that thrives in a balanced environment.  If you are looking to boost your exercise output, take Tiger’s Eye and Clear Quartz with you next time you hit the gym or go to your favorite fitness class. The two stones together release motivational frequencies - like a metaphysical pre-workout supplement.

 6. by your computer

Besides just acting as a pretty distraction, placing crystals near your computer can help combat the intense frequencies that radiate from electronics. Black Tourmaline or Onyx are effective in absorbing these stressful energies. Additionally, having a reminder to focus could be the key to GETTING SH*T DONE. If you’re having writer’s block or just don’t know where to start, White Howlite could be the swift kick in the ass you need!


7. the kitchen

The kitchen is such a crucial place of gathering and manifesting. Whether you’re entertaining or spending a Tuesday night making cookies with your family, this place naturally tends to attract a lot of good juju. Intensify the warm and welcoming energy of a kitchen with a beautiful piece of Citrine or seal in the good vibes with a fortifying Obsidian. There’s no guarantee it will make you a better chef, but that’s why the ancient practice of takeout was invented!

 8. in the shower

You are quite literally cleansing when you take a shower. It’s an impactful ritual that yields immediately noticeable benefits (See: Luigi’s skincare routine in a coming blog). What’s the perfect crystal to take in the shower with you to amplify your cleanse? Take your pick! Water is a natural source of energy for crystals and can magnify their intended benefits. Be careful though! Some crystals, such as Selenite (and other rocks ending in -ite), are water soluble and will get damaged when exposed to liquids.

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