The Four Clairs & How to Tap Into Each

The Four Clairs & How to Tap Into Each

People often ask me how I receive the information I give to clients during tarot readings. The key is utilizing my intuition and understanding how it likes to communicate with me.  Within spiritual circles there are four main avenues of intuition known as the "four clairs": clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), and claircognizance (knowing).

Some people are naturally stronger in one or a couple of the four clairs, everyone can improve their intuition and take a shot at trying out new methods.

Read through the descriptions below to discover which of the clairs your intuition favors, as well as tips for strengthening all four.


Clairaudient messages typically sound like someone talking in my mind. This voice is never harsh or tormenting (unlike voices of people who have certain psychological conditions). The tone of this voice is almost always the same: even and calm. at times it could be my own voice or a familiar one, like that of a parent or trusted friend. 

Messages that arrive clairaudient during readings are usually short and straightforward messages, like "wait until... " or "yes go ahead". 

How to develop clairaudience:

One of the simplest ways to develop clairaudience is with focused practice. Remembering that these messages usually come in quietly and quickly, learning how to get still and quiet enough to hear it is crucial.  Asking questions then noticing what you hear in response and just going with it; release all judgement. 


Clairvoyant messages, which arrive as an image or scene in the mind, may come as metaphors or straightforward scenes. If someone is feeling overwhelmed you could see them drowning or carrying some large bundle on their back. Dreams are a great way to tap into this sense.

How to develop clairvoyance:

Just like a muscle, your intuition must be strengthened. An exercise that helps build clairvoyance is one where you try to guess an image (like a tarot card). Shuffle the deck, find stillness, hold the card face down and be on the lookout for images that pop into your mind out of the blue— at first it might seem futile, but the more you train the muscle, the stronger your ability to use this sense will get. . 


Clairsentient messages come through as a tactile physic feeling and is the most common of the four clairs. Gut instincts, being able to read the emotions of others, or sensing the collective energy of a room all fall under this umbrella.

As soon as I begin working with a client I can usually get a feeling for their energy: bubbly, distant, outgoing, intellectual, caring. Whenever I give a client a message and I have chills all over or a deep feeling in my chest, I know the message is important for the client to hear.

I might even feel certain symptoms within my own body during a session, my throat can feel itchy briefly during a session if the client’s throat chakra is closed off.

How to develop clairsentience:

Whenever you get a strong intuitive gut feeling about something, take note of it either in your journal or literally on the notes of your phone. Notice what you feel and what was going on at that time.  You’ll soon begin to notice how many clairsentient messages you receive and will allow  you to pick up on them easier.


Claircognizance is how I am able to hone in on subconscious blocks and old wounds that are holding a client back or comprehend complex relationships client’s have with friends or co-workers without a ton of information prior to our session.

When our brains receive immediate downloads from our intuition it is called claircognizance. I like to refer to it as a sort of “knowing” - it's really all about having intense gut feelings and using that information to guide you.


How to develop claircognizance:

The next time you are trying to figure something out and your logical brain is stumped—whether it’s your partner's motivations or the most efficient way to get your errands done, silently ask your intuition to give you the answer through claircognizance.

Whatever the method, using your clair senses and intuition is all about connecting to your higher self and allowing that information to guide you. And once you are aware of the different ways your intuition and Spirit can speak to you, a door is opened to your most powerful source.
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