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The High Priestess














Tarot Card: The High Priestess

Planet: Moon

Keywords: Purity, Feel, Inner Guidance, Subconscious, Waters

Affirmation: All the answers I need are within me, I breathe and feel that truth.

  This Virgo season we are introduced to the number  II card of the Major Arcana: The High Priestess.  I feel that. Like, there’s something about this card that always gets me. It’s like whenever she pops up in a reading I know to really pay attention. She’s got all the secrets and I don’t want to miss anything.

The archetype of the high priestess is associated with the story of Persephone, who withdraws into the underworld/inner world each year, causing the Winter and Fall season in her descent.

This is a card of mystery. Associated with the subconscious mind, the moon and occult; the energy requires you to dive deep into the currents of the unknown. The High Priestess, sitting between two pillars that represent the physical and non-physical plains, her robe an ode to Persephone and the tree of life, holds all the mysteries of the Tarot and knows your deepest secrets and fears. 

She is a powerful, radical card that challenges gender dichotomies while paving a way for new bold ideas to be born. If she shows up to represent you currently, there’s a chance you are well into a journey of self-discovery or expect to be soon. Her advice is always  “just slow it down,, take your time and give your intuition a chance to guide you”, there is no need to rush at this time ----- and it’s possible you could finally get your creative project off the ground if you allowed yourself to tap into your feminine energy more.

The High Priestess is your most woowoo best friend, but also extremely grounded, wise and courageous. She’s not afraid to have tough conversations. Are you ready to turn your gaze inward? It’s time to hibernate a bit, sit with your crystals and journal, to cut distractions so that you may be receptive to the new downloads coming your way.

Upright Meaning -- Slow it down, listen to your intuition, but definitely don’t make any moves until you receive all the information. More will be revealed to you and chances are you're the key to it all. Relax with the reassurance that you will absolutely know what needs to happen when the time is right.

The high priestess can be a somewhat ambiguous card and tricky to read in certain scenarios,, here’s a quick review of what I attribute the high priestess in love and career.

Love & Relationships --  If things are going great,  relationships represented by High Priestesses can feel incredibly deep. These relationships can feel like past-life or karmic connections. It’s also a sign that there’s a lot of personal growth and healing that can occur in the relationship. 

If you’re asking about a conflict, the High Priestess may suggest secrets or poor communication. The secrets may not necessarily have a negative nature though, just look to your intuition and surrounding cards for hints regarding resolution.

Career --  The High Priestess says to seek out a career that is a deeply emotionally fulfilling one. This card typically points towards work related to spiritual guidance or someone who gives counsel. This can take the form of a religious leader, a psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, psychologist; anything that involves healing, guiding, and uncovering deeper mysteries. 


High Priestess Tarot Spread:

Card 1 | What needs your attention right now

Card 2 | What is standing in your way

Card 3 | Heart of the matter (subconscious belief)

Card 4 | What wants to go

Card 5 | The lesson from standing still

Learn more about the High Priestess from Tirrell on our YouTube!

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