FACQ: The Smudge Wellness Do’s and Don’ts of Cleansing Crystals

FACQ: The Smudge Wellness Do’s and Don’ts of Cleansing Crystals

FACQs are Frequently Asked *Crystal* Questions -- a series of do's, don'ts, and do-whatever-you-wants based off of inquiries we get from you! 

It’s March! I can feel Spring in the air and with the Equinox around the corner, I am feeling the need to cleanse everything in sight -- and that applies to the energy within and around me. (Calling all green juices to the main stage!) This means that if you stopped by my house this month, there is a very good chance that I will be cleaning my crystals. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep the power of your favorite spiritual stones clean and oh so fresh. Happy Spring Cleaning!! Xoxo Lara, CEO of Smudge 

Think of crystals like they are your babies or pets (or if you are a millennial, your plants) -- you need to clean them, feed them, and take care of them if you want them to operate at their greatest potential. They are the holders of energy, so do your part to make sure that the energy they possess is more like Glinda and less like her jerky friend in the west. There are no shortage of ways to keep your rocks clean and ready for use, but here are some super chargers to keep in mind when getting your rocks gussied up.

  • Water: While water is a wonderful cleansing agent for most crystals -- we love a soothing salt water bath -- some crystals are too porous and fragile to keep it together in this element. Rule of thumb? If your stone ends with “ite,” skip the hydration and look to other means. Selenite, fuschite, and fluorite are particularly susceptible to falling apart so steer clear of the H2O when using these stones.
  • Moonlight: Our favorite way to cleanse and charge our crystals is in a full moonbath. Symbolically, a full moon signifies a new beginning, making a nocturnal dip a particularly effective way to up the power of your crystal collection. During the next full moon, place your stones in a spot where they will be exposed to the light and let them sit overnight. Add an intention note next to them if you want to add a specific power boost. (Sunlight works, too, but don’t leave them out too long in direct light or it might cause some crystals to fade or warp.)
  • Dirt: Just for pigs, you way? Hogwash! Crystals have much to gain from the minerals and nurturing qualities of the earth; it’s their homeland, after all. Find a spot of healthy soil and bury your crystals for a few days and they will absorb its healing, vibrant energy. Important: leave a popsicle stick or other way to note where you have left them and make sure it’s out of reach of any rock-curious canines you have digging around.
  • Sage: In the same way sage cleanses the energy of your space, so it can effectively clear any negative energy holding space in your crystals. Burn the sage near and around the crystals. It is great for you, too, so inhale slowly and deeply as you cleanse with this healing herb.
  • Intentions: Want bang for your energetic buck? Infuse your crystals with your intentions. Once you have cleansed them, we highly recommend writing down your intentions and placing them underneath your crystals while you place your hands over them and visualize what you want to manifest. 
  • Nature Walk: Nobody likes a lazy lump, so make sure you are taking your crystals out for regular walks. While we don’t discriminate according to size, it is *slightly* easier to let your smaller tumbled stones tag along with you on your next adventure outdoors. Periodically, take them out of your pocket to absorb the air, the trees, and the light. But if you want to take your larger rocks for a walk -- go for it; let them coast in a baby stroller and maybe you’ll be the next great star of Nextdoor.
  • Selenite: Like the Mr. Clean magic eraser of crystals, Selenite has the power to erase any energetic blemishes on your crystal bbs. Think we're kidding? Simply by waving selenite over and around the surface of your crystals, you can wipe away any negative energy that might be preventing them from sparkling from the inside out. More of an automatic dishwasher type of person? Same. Place your crystals in a selenite container or plate and allow them to cleanse with minimal effort. Set it, and forget it! 

More of a visual learner? Check out our YouTube video on Cleansing and Charging Crystals

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