The Smudge Wellness Mother's Day Shopping Guide

The Smudge Wellness Mother's Day Shopping Guide

We are celebrating Joy this month at Smudge, and so for my Mother’s Day Shopping Guide, I’ve curated a list of products that will summon some smiles, laughter, and positive energy in the life of the mamas in your life. Enjoy -- and if you need us to forward to somebody who might be in need of some gift guidance, wink wink, let us know! 

Xoxo Lara, CEO and co-founder of Smudge 

Smudge Wellness writes independently about the products it recommends. Other than the ones sold directly by Smudge, it does not receive revenue if you purchase something you find in this article.

Chakra Tuned Singing Bowls (from $260) -- After attending a few virtual sound baths this last year and delighting in the soothing and calming music generated from singing bowls, I would love to start learning how to use them at home. I love the look and purpose of these gorgeous quartz bowls, which are tuned to the frequency of each of your chakras. Pricey, yes, but on a per use basis (my favorite way to justify any purchase), these bowls could turn out to be an excellent investment. 

Sacra Souls Intention Deck (from $48) -- created by UnitedOther’s Ellen Nguyen, I love this deck’s simple yet powerful design that helps set the stage for your day, week, and beyond. The deck consists of 55 cards, each including a set of related prompts around a different intention. Come for the pop of rainbow iridescence it will inject into your mornings; stick with it because of the clear and purposeful substance contained on each card.

Gold Toned Wire-Wrapped Stackable Crystal Rings ($20 each) -- Looking for a wearable rock collection? Try these beauties, created by a Black designer based in North Carolina. I love the delicate look of these rings that look like they love a crowd. Looking for a positive energy boost? I recommend the Yellow Aventurine, Rose Quartz, or Obsidian (and by “or,” I obviously mean all of the above…).

Distance Reiki Session (from $60) -- reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan that aims to keep your energy flowing and to clear any blockages that might be occurring. While it might seem counterintuitive that a healing session can happen remotely, many healers have found that the practice’s benefits are well-suited for an online session. Dalina In of San Francisco’s Eternal Therapy combines traditional reiki with a dose of astrology to relieve tension or anxiety within the body, allowing it to have physical release.

Mom -- You’re a Rockstar ($44.95) -- Designed by Luigi, my co-founder, I love this year’s edition of our magical take on the classic Mom’s Day box of chocolates. This year we focused on three types of energy we think mothers really need an extra dose of this year: calm, creativity, and success. We sourced Blue Calcite palm stones, Rainbow Fluorite mini-points, and Pyrite spheres for this trio and packaged them in a beautiful box that will wow its lucky recipient.

Rose Quartz Crystal Smoking Pipe ($17.95) -- We were fascinated by Ashe Phoenix’s version during our Crystals and Cannabis panel last month (talk about synergy!). Here’s a version that is affordable and beautiful, perfect for the chill mama looking to up the energy of her cannabis game. 

Smudge x the Underbelly Gut Check Kit ($39.99) -- Might just be me, but I find that motherhood really tests my power of intuition. This crystal pendulum and intention grid is meant to hone the ability to go with your inner instinct -- while also making you laugh. Because we can all use a dose of “Fuck no” some days.

Floramye Bath Bliss Set ($70) -- For the days when Joy comes in the form of a hot bath and everybody leaving you alone for an hour, may I offer you the gorgeous Floramye Bath Bliss Set? Each bath bomb is infused with healing, soothing CBD, and contains a chakra-enhancing crystal to really settle you down. Open up those energy centers and say ahhhhhhh.

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