The Smudge Zen Spirit Shower Spell -- Brought to you by PopSugar and Skintimate

The Smudge Zen Spirit Shower Spell -- Brought to you by PopSugar and Skintimate


At Smudge, we’ve had something special in the works! We recently partnered with PopSugar and Skintimate to bring sweepstakes winners something we created exclusively to help them transform a daily must-do habit into a ritual infused with zen and spiritual empowerment! We are so excited to now share what we’ve been working on with you.

As discussed in our recent posts on The Dirt, life has been changing and shifting non-stop throughout 2020. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, our energy not quite on the level we prefer to carry it, and this is affecting our everyday lives, our relationships, and more. What if something you do every day could be turned into a ritual to help reconnect you and soothe you, transporting you to a space where you feel energized and prepared to take on the day?

With help from our friends at PopSugar and Skintimate, this is exactly what we wanted to do! We curated a beautiful crystal collection, each crystal chosen specifically to help ground and support our winners, plus a refreshing, symbolic shower ritual using the crystal collection to raise their energy and offer a soothing boost to power through their day with confidence and focus. This collection of crystals and the Zen Spirit Shower Spell duo were created exclusively for our partnership with PopSugar and Skintimate, and we were honored to contribute something that can be used every day to improve wellbeing and strengthen spiritual practice.

In the collection, we included crystals for healing, crystals for anxiety, and even crystals for self-love and decision-making. We covered all the ways our winners may need support during this time of uncertainty and change. Included in the collection:

  • Clear Quartz: The Clarifier This beautiful crystal, known as the “master healer,” amplifies any energy or intention, making it one to hold onto when working to turn your intentions into measurable outcomes. It also helps attune you to your higher self, helping strengthen your decision-making muscles and support your choices.
  • Aquamarine: The Chill Pill The name of this soothing stone comes from the Latin word for seawater, and it was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe. Reach for it to calm your own internal waves: tension, anxiety, and raw nerves. Aquamarine brings calming, soothing, and cleansing properties to situations that may have you out of balance or unclear.
  • Blue Lace Agate: The Healer A soothing and nurturing stone, Blue Lace Agate will aid you in emotional healing and neutralize anxiety and anger. Keep it close as a reminder to experience joy from the small things in life and stay in a space of gratitude.
  • Rose Quartz: The Lover Rose Quartz not only helps replace toxic emotions, but replaces them with the energy of love and compassion. This crystal is one to turn to when you need to treat yourself kindly and gently and with love - which is all of us, all the time! Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love and will help open up your heart.

  • Using these crystals in combination with a shower ritual takes their benefits to a whole new level as you symbolically and spiritually refresh and renew yourself in a mindful moment that belongs only to you. Rituals are meant to feel empowering, comforting, and soothing. This can look like lighting a candle and setting intentions with each new moon, it can look like meditating each morning or evening, it can even look like curling up with your favorite blanket and a cup of chamomile tea before bed to journal away your day. Rituals are as powerful as we create them to be, and can bring impactful energy into our lives if we spiritually invest in them and allow ourselves to fully experience them. You may have a few rituals already in your everyday life, or you may just be dipping your toes in. Either way, the Zen Spirit Shower Spell is a ritual that was designed to weave into our winners’ routines as easily as sending an email. We all have to shower every day already, why not turn that daily to-do into a mindful moment we can use to feel energized, connected, and focused?

    The Zen Spirit Shower Spell starts by placing whichever crystal combination you choose (contact us for help in picking the crystal combo right for you!) in the shower. We then move into some breathing exercises to help ground us in the moment. Begin with at least five deep breaths, filling the belly full of air and exhaling through the mouth. Awaken the senses by focusing on the feeling of the hot water on your skin and allow the deep breathing to eliminate anxiety and tension from your body. 

    Next, as we shower, we’ll do some visualization work. Visualize the energy you feel you need the most - calming energy, focused energy, loving energy - entering your body, and invite the crystals to help you, either out loud or silently. Bask in this energy as you finish your shower routine, continuing to visualize yourself surrounded by light and energy, empowering your body for the day ahead.

    Take notice of how you feel once you complete your shower, having spent that mindful moment focusing on only you and your needs, not thinking about making the kids lunch or your deadline this week or how much laundry needs to be done. It can make all the difference in the world mentally to take a few minutes and truly focus on you, and if the shower is the only place you can do it, we say go for it! Turn your shower into an oasis of spiritual practice and reap the benefits you gain from placing those boundaries on your time and setting aside some of it just for you. Carry that feeling of empowerment, calm, and focus with you throughout the day as you’re presented with challenges and come into contact with your everyday situations. 

    We put our heart and soul into creating the Zen Spirit Shower Spell for PopSugar and Skintimate, and hope it brings you soothing energy and a connection to yourself as you either prepare for the day in the morning or wash the day away in the evening. 

    Want to inject some zen spirit to your own shower routines? Check out our shop for lots of ways to stay centered, grounded, and calm. 

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