Using Healing Crystals for Pets

Using Healing Crystals for Pets

You love using crystals in your own spiritual practice: maybe you meditate with them, sleep next to them, carry one or two throughout your day, or perform rituals with them. But have you ever wondered if you can use the healing energy of crystals for pets? We’ve got the news you’re waiting to hear - the answer is yes! Your cats, pooches, and animals of all kinds can benefit from various healing crystals. 

So now the big question is: what crystals are good for pets? We’re about to take you on a thorough journey exploring the crystals you can use for your pets in different situations. Smudge considers pets family, and we don’t want to leave anyone out of the crystal magic. So settle in and get ready to learn all about how to protect, heal, and serve your furry friends with the energy of healing stones!


Crystals for Lost Pets

Dalmation Jasper, with a name that lends itself to the canine kingdom and a spotted appearance, is an excellent stone for enhancing our abilities to communicate telepathically with our pets. Out of all the crystals for finding lost pets, Dalmatian Jasper is an essential one because increasing telepathic communication is one of the most powerful ways to reach your pet and guide them home. Ways to use Dalmation Jasper in your search to find your lost pet include carrying it in a pocket or purse, or wearing it on a piece of jewelry. Keeping your crystal close, even while you sleep, will keep your communication with your pet open and flowing. As pet owners, it’s safe to keep Dalmation Jasper on hand so you have it available if you ever need energetic assistance to find a little one that got loose.


Crystals for Sick Pets

Amber is a commonly used stone in the human world, and has just as many benefits for helping pets with symptoms of allergies, digestive issues, or infections. This beautiful golden stone emits healing energy and can be used raw or polished to help ease your four-legged friend’s symptoms and put them on the path to healing. Remember to not leave pets with Amber unsupervised, as it is a brittle stone and shouldn’t be chewed on. Take a piece of Amber or a piece of Amber jewelry and spend time with it over your pet’s stomach or the infected area if your pet is suffering from an infection.

The perfect stone to give a boost to your little one’s immune system and enhance the healing process for many different sicknesses is Clear Quartz. This crystal is known as the Master Healer for a good reason, for ages it has assisted in healing humans. Pets can perform self-healing with the help of Clear Quartz as well, and there’s many ways you can play with this stone to help your pet soak up its healing energy! Grid your pet’s bed with Quartz points, place a Clear Quartz in your pet’s water dish (water amplifies the energy of crystals, making it that much more powerful), massage your animal with a polished Clear Quartz, or find a collar that has been made with Clear Quartz to keep them close to your pet 24/7. You’ll be surprised at the crystal products made for pets these days!

Crystals for the Protection of Pets

Among protection crystals for pets, Black Tourmaline is one of the most commonly used for its protective properties and ability to block negativity and negative interactions. Your pet could be unsure of their surroundings, maybe they are often injured or sick, or are being bullied by another animal in the house. Black Tourmaline can emit energy to assist with all these situations and more, balancing both your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing and keeping them in a steady, content, safe state. The best use of Black Tourmaline is placing a small basket of stones near your pet’s bed or other personal space, if they’re crate trained, the basket can sit on top of their crate. This surrounds your pet with protection while they’re in their space and that protective energy stays with them throughout the day.

Sodalite is another crystal that can help calm and soothe aggressive animals, protecting others in the household. Use Sodalite to ease stress, anxiety, and aggressive behavior in your dog or cat, promoting a peaceful, safe environment for yourself and your other animals. Sodalite sources healing energy and emits calm and balance into your animals’ bodies and minds, not only decreasing barking and biting, but allowing your animals to co-exist and enjoy a healthier, safer relationship with each other.


Crystals for Mourning a Pet

Rose Quartz is possibly at the tip top of the list of crystals for grieving your pet that has passed on. Rose Quartz is the Universal Stone of Love, and while gently opening your hurting heart, it can help you make sense of the loss and the suffering. When you need help seeing the bigger picture and seeking out how you and your lost pet fit into it, Rose Quartz is the stone to turn to. The healing energy of Rose Quartz will keep you connected to your pet by love and help you overcome the painful struggle with grief that we all experience after a tremendous loss. 

Amethyst is another beautifully powerful stone to help connect you with your lost fur baby and ease the pain in your heart as you grieve their absence. This crystal is used when contacting angels and the spiritual realm, and if used when meditating (hold the crystal in your right hand during your meditation), you may find yourself feeling connected and linked to your lost pet and experiencing their presence nearby. Amethyst can become a communication line between you and your pet who has passed over, providing you with comfort, peace, and relief while working through the stages of grief.

We’ve walked you through some of the best healing crystals for pets and several ways to use them, and we hope you feel ready to introduce crystals into your pets’ lives and gift them the healing energy and benefits we enjoy ourselves. Your furry friends are sure to thrive with a few (or all!) of these crystals added to their routines, and you’ll be the proud pet parent of a happier, healthier animal!

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