Virgo Season Tarotscopes

Virgo Season Tarotscopes

Virgo Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from August 22 – September 22, 2021. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Virgo is a perfectionist at heart and isn't afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice, prompting us to clean up our collective acts after a month of partying through Leo season.

Ruled by Mercury and associated with the Hermit card in the Major Arcana tarot deck, Virgo is meticulous, well-resourced, and trusts their intuition whole-heartedly. 

Use this Virgo energy (and Mercury and Mars currently in this sign) to commit yourself to: 

  • Following through on projects
  • Making the mundane magical
  • Opening yourself up to more possibilities
  • Tending to your body in practical and reverent ways

  • No detail is too small or intention too big for Virgo.

    The vibe: Ritualizing your mornings / making work a sacred practice / having fun with intention / organizing your space / slowing down to honor your body / ending the day in appreciation

    It’s that “getting yourself together” type of feel — but in a loving way.

    In the cards, I see a lot of shifting mindsets and leaning into our inherent strengths. This month, we’re being asked to get clear, find focus and balance our hard work with well-deserved fun.  

    There are changes all around us, with new beginnings well underway. Creating a practice of  consistently returning to our heart center and trusting our inner knowing, we will be guided towards the next best step.



    Aries | The Hierophant  -- It makes sense for you, Aries, to receive the energy of the Hierophant as we move into Virgo season; you are, of course, natural born leaders who tend to thrive with a bit of order and direction. The Hierophant brings tradition, community and a sense of reverence for the way things have traditionally been done. This month, you may be interested in joining a group and hesitate because of their rules -- but might be pleasantly surprised to find that’s exactly what you need to grow and move forward. 




    Taurus | The Magician -- Taurus, I hope you know how magical you are. The magician is showing up to remind you that everything you need is right in front of you, just waiting for you to take action. Use this month and Virgo energy to get off the couch and start creating, even if it’s just for the sake of creating.  Motivation often comes from taking action and right now is the time to move. Use your time to plan, find clarity and TAKE ACTION. No more excuses is your motto and I know if anyone can make magical moments appear out of thin air, it’s you Taurus.




    Gemini | Two of Pentacles -- Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to do things, especially when your way is working exceptionally well for you.  You have the ability to keep your cool even with a lot of balls in the air, being able to juggle your time, relationships and health with ease.  This month won’t be any different, perhaps if you aren’t feeling like you have a handle on things, create some flexibility into your schedule. Focus only on doing the next right (feeling) thing and maintaining a sense of creativity. From there you will for sure see it all work out.




    Cancer | Nine of Pentacles -- The nine of pentacles is associated with Virgo,  a sign of refinement, editing and careful decision making. As well as Venus, who rules over beauty, love, sex and passion.  This month, Cancer, allow your rational side to temper the worry you may be experiencing about a situation or the future. Know that with enough planning, which you probably have already done, you will be just fine. Get your affairs in order, not because you’re stressed, but because being aware of what is going on around you is the ultimate flex.




    Leo | Queen of Swords -- I hate to be the one to stop the party, Leo. But right now, the Queen is approaching, yielding her sword to cut through the B.S. She is asking you to take a long hard look at the direction you’re heading in and be 100 with yourself and others. Boo, get it all the way together and drop the charade. Are you heading in the direction you want to be heading towards? Is that relationship everything you think it is? Know that the Queen can be a situation or a person, and both are here to unveil bold truths, good or bad. This month, it’s less about emotion and more about honest communication -- Get into it.



    Virgo | Ace of Pentacles -- Enjoy yourself, Virgo. Let your hair down, indulge, do something totally uncharacteristic. The ace of pentacles is a reminder that we are here to experience the pleasures of this Earth and physical plain. What better time than your birthday month?! You may also step into an opportunity or be offered something that will bear fruit at some point down the line. BIG TIME. So do what you do best, work hard, but also, have fun and say yes to yourself..





    Libra | Ten of Cups -- Is it possible this month to take more to pause. Like, pause with purpose, or intention. Because maybe you’ve been running around too much, sort of in a hectic state, trying to do all the things. Could it be that the energy this month is asking you to slow it all down, scan your surroundings and see what isn’t working any more. Or, a better perspective, taking not on what is going RIGHT. You’re coming to the close of a chapter and it’s time to get organized and prepared. It is also time to notice how far you’ve come and how good life totally is.




    Scorpio | Ten of Pentacles -- Scorpio, you’re doing great hun. And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I’m proud of you and everything you’ve been able to accomplish, considering. You’ve kept your head on straight, worked hard and leveled up. Life probably feels pretty solid right now and this month won’t be any different. Keep going, use Virgo’s tenacity to keep you focused but don’t doubt that these good vibes aren’t meant to stay. You’ve earned it, celebrate, lavish and treat yo’self. It’s good being a Scorpio right about now.




    Sagittarius | Page of Swords -- Look for people who believe in your visions and are willing to support your spirit, Sagittarius. This month you will be filled with ideas, dreams and inspirations. Some, probably many, knowing you, will be fleeting but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action on them. Especially if they excite and delight you. You have the green light to move forward with you dreams, however outlandish they may seem, so use Virgo’s logical and very practical energy to create systems, find others who can help with follow through.




    Capricorn | Knight of Swords -- Tighten up that ponytail and roll up your sleeves, there’s something coming your way Capricorn, and it’s going to take a lot of your energy.  When the Knight of Swords comes swooping he brings with him chaotic energy; fast paced, erratic, jarring and leaving you feeling somewhat unbalanced. So take time to find practices that help keep you centered like meditation, hot baths, long walks or just vibing out to some chill music. This will help you stay level headed when your emotional landscape feels under attack.




    Aquarius | Knight of Cups -- Ohh sweet Aquarius, something glamorous is on the horizon, something you must say yes to. This could be a person or social situation, but whatever it is, it’s meant to make you feel something. I’m not saying you’ll meet your dream lover, just that this month might be something more emotionally involved than you’re accustomed to. Keep your wits about yourself, cause like, we’re in Virgo season, but don’t deny the experience to have a flash of excitement in your life. Be in it for the ride and see what magical surprises open up for you. 



    Pisces | Eight of Swords -- It’s time you set yourself free, dear Pisces. The constraints, confusion and feeling stuck are all situations you’ve put yourself into. So the good news is that you are the one who has the power to change it all.  The eight of swords is a reminder, a mirror, to show you that you have tremendous power and the situation you’re in isn’t what you think it is.  This month, shift your mindset from focusing on the perceived problem to setting your sights and energy on finding the solution. Ask  yourself, what would things look like if they were working out for me? I promise all will be revealed once you do.

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