Wellness Weekly: Dress for Success with Luigi

Wellness Weekly: Dress for Success with Luigi

Welcome to Wellness Weekly coming to you every week. This is a weekly series, sort of like a Letter from the Editors, that will rotate between Morgan, Lara, and Luigi with the occasional guest. We'll hold space on the Dirt to check in on our Sixth Sense: the term we use to refer to our spirit, intuition, and inner power. And because while we exist in the world alongside our other Five Senses, we'll do a check-in of those, too.


There's nothing more freeing than wearing a dress that makes you feel beautiful. Whether it's flowy and effortless, tight and sleek, frilly and feminine, or just straight up slutty, a good dress allows the person wearing it to feel whatever fantasy they choose. It provides space to create worlds in which they feel confident, plotlines where they are the main character, and as the famed celeb stylist Rachel Zoe once said, "say who [they] are without having to speak." 


Lately, I've been consciously exploring how I present myself to the world. I had always been told (since I was born, really) that I was a man. That presenting as such is non-negotiable. In fact, in many of the environments I moved in, being male was seen as something I should be proud of -- if not boast about! Growing up playing sports, I had to be tough. I've pretended to have girlfriends (literally lol) to counteract the sides of me I wanted to hide. And even after coming out, I've shape-shifted my attire and changed my voice to not reveal a side of me that was "too femme." It was a clear message I had heard and believed: Masculinity is a virtue. But what about the other side? 


From my many years of practicing yoga, I've learned about the history of tapping into your Divine Feminine. I am referring, of course, to the side of one's spirit that is bound to nature and the elements. The part of us that practices kind and compassionate awareness of the body, and aligns with the cycles of creation that connect us to all of humanity. I also know that never once in those years of practicing yoga were genitals ever mentioned. And so, I've begun an adventurous journey of curiosity -- playing and exploring how I express myself through what I wear and how I present myself to the world on a daily basis. I've begun to question. Who am I when I'm not worried about how people perceive me? What types of feelings and thoughts arise when I walk into the grocery store wearing an XL Zara dress, makeup on my face, and a sensible heel? And what happens when I get to show my full self? As these questions come up and I begin to gain more insight into who I am, I get so excited! The possibilities seem boundless now -- not to mention the outfit options! And as I continue to uncover and de-label, discover, and unbind, I promise to keep you updated. Until then. 



My life feels really intense right now, and because I already have trouble setting boundaries and creating space for introspection, I have to carve that time out by scheduling my self-care. At the beginning of my week, I schedule out time for meditations and choose them according to what I need. I love being able to see them all planned out. Here's one I recently did around decompressing and shifting the body away from unwanted energy. If you need me to send you a Gcal invite, I will. 



All Night by Beyonce is one of my all-time favorite songs. I got to ride to it in a spin class this week and yes, I sobbed uncontrollably. I'm fine. It did make me very excited for the new music she teased in this issue of Harper's Bazaar. 


I recently went on a triple date (more on that later) to a new restaurant here in SF. Anchovy Bar is exactly what it sounds like. An anchovy-forward menu of salty, umami-y, pairs-well-will-wine goodness. Highly reccomend. Get the deviled eggs. 


At a recent dinner with friends, we began to debate about what flavor we think is the best. Yes, we love to debate non-sensicle superlatives whenever we get the chance. My favorite flavor turns out to be Watermelon. It has literally seeped into every beverage, candy, and even my handsanitizer. Which, if you're wondering, doesn't smells great. 


I've been carrying around my double terminated Clear Quartz for a few years now. It's a reminder of my ability to be clear in mind and speech. Sometimes I forget I have it, sometimes I consciously bring it with me into tough conversations and sticky situations. Regardless, I always know it's close by and that I can access that clarity whenever I need to. 

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