Wellness Weekly VI: Awakening with Julie Quinn

Wellness Weekly VI: Awakening with Julie Quinn

Introduction: Welcome to Wellness Weekly coming to you every Wednesday.  This will be a weekly series, sort of like a Letter from the Editors that will rotate between Morgan, Lara and Luigi with the occasional guest.  This week is one of those wonderful guest weeks featuring Julie Quinn.  We’ll hold space on the Dirt to check-in on our Sixth Sense: the term we use to refer to our spirit, our intuition, our inner power.  And because while we exist in the world alongside our other Five Senses, we’ll do a check-in of those, too.

Thank you for the feature here!   I’m currently studying metaphysics and have been with a school called The Spiritual Arts Institute in Encinitas, CA.  I’m spending a lot of my time in meditation, diving deep into spiritual studies, and focusing on my spiritual growth.  One thing I’ve learned is that everything is spiritual.  All the struggles and challenges that we endure are opportunities to earn more light.  The lessons we embody stay with us through all of our lifetimes.  It’s a great reminder to “keep looking up” which is my motto.  We can choose to look at everything through a higher soul perspective and sometimes it’s not obvious and not easily understood but the deeper lessons unfold through time.  

I’m living in a beautiful community with lots of love, collaboration, inspiration, and we are surrounded by nature on 2 acres of land with fruit trees.  It’s been a big transition time and I’m embracing all of it.  The essential oils have been a huge support and the one variable that has been with me for over half of my life.  My mission is to get essential oils into the daily lives of as many people as possible to uplift and awaken the planet.  

Inspired By the 5 other Senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch

Sight: Currently I’m taking more time in nature and looking at all the plants and wildlife much more than I’m reading.  The book I’m currently reading on the side is called:  The Journey of Soul Initiation; A Field Guide for Visionaries, Evolutionaries, and Revolutionaries by Bill Plotkin.  It’s all about metamorphosis and it’s meeting me where I’m at right now with so much change and transformation happening in my life.  

Sound: My favorite songs on repeat:  “Ready For You” by Black Coffee, “Line of Sight” by Odesza and anything by Van Morrison.  

Smell: This one is big for me!  I find myself gravitating towards Jasmine for the sensuality, mature floral and mesmerizing notes on my body with a roll on oil by Quinntessentials.   I am using Dragon’s Blood essential oil in my oil burner for a cleansing and protection, amplifying intentions, and a sweet strong note in the air.  Have you ever seen the Dracaena tree?  It’s absolutely a sight to see with strong roots that connect and branch out and up to the heavens! 

I use Tulsi (Holy Basil) in my diffuser for a divine connection, and crown chakra opening vibration...Tulsi is also in the zodiac scent by Smudge Wellness mixed with cinnamon and rose.  It’s truly divine.  :) 

Taste: My mornings start with celery juice followed by fresh ground coffee beans, cacao, mct oil, collagen, coconut milk, and honey.  It’s all blended up with some Lion’s Mane mushroom powder for a brain boost.  The diet right now is mostly plant based with wild seafood in sushi, poki bowls, and whatever my gourmet chef housemates whip up!  

Touch: My sense of touch is being satisfied by monthly massages, hot tubs, hot springs, and a new relationship. :) My yoga practice has changed dramatically this past year and I’m finding new ways to move my body.  When I’m feeling stressed or anxious I started doing a little “shake it off” practice just like animals commonly do.  You shake each leg out and each arm, jump up and down, wiggle your body, and poof! Just like magic it’s a layer of stress processed and released.  I sit in stillness often to meditate and practice light work.  I can feel my body transition from frenetic energy to calm and that’s the sense of touch that brings me back to balance on so many levels.  

Looking to amplify your own power of Awakening? Smudge Wellness suggests the following:

Loving all the kits they put together with the crystals and sprays! I recently went through major grief with my beloved cat running away from our new home.  He’s been gone since Jan 11th and I’ve been finding some comfort with Sunshine Spray which they included in the kit for LOSS.

It’s been the most challenging time for me emotionally and the essential oils are truly helpful in uplifting the emotions.  Having a good cry, a good shake out, and letting myself feel all the feels.  When the grief is too much the Sunshine Spray saves the day.  The citrus oils are happy and the clary sage is an antidepressant and I swear by it.
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