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With wellness practices ascending from self-care to spirituality, Smudge is launching as a New Age-meets-the-digital-age shaman in a box delivering smudge sticks, crystals, beauty tools and more to people longing to detach from their devices.
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"The idea behind Smudge is beautiful, literally. ‘We think spiritual wellness is the new beauty… It’s beauty for the spirit!’ And that concept is exquisitely illustrated in the Smudge experience, from the packaging to the products to the storytelling, and finally, to the routine it helps to create. And to boot, it’s customized based on the recipient’s personality, life events, hopes, dreams, and needs.”
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"I recently got into crystals, and I love what Smudge Wellness is doing with its giftable kits. You receive a curated assortment of the brand's top 10 spiritual wellness picks personalized just for you based on the information you give it. With all the Summer eating and drinking I've been doing, the Health Spell is the perfect recharge for me."
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New year, new you? Not quite, but Smudge Wellness is the gift to give for anyone on your list that is in to spiritual wellness.
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