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100% That Witch - PURPOSE
100% That Witch - PURPOSE
100% That Witch - PURPOSE
100% That Witch - PURPOSE

100% That Witch - PURPOSE

Price: $60


Live your life like you mean it. Give your mind the intention it deserves with the PURPOSE 100% That Witch Starter Set. Reclaim your personal power -- or help a loved one reclaim theirs -- because we have A LOT to get done. Choose the energy that you want to amplify (pick from OPPORTUNITY, INTUITION, CALM, LOVE, PURPOSE, or COURAGE) and we’ll provide the spark, the sparkle, and the swag you need to fly. *broom not included. Included in the PURPOSE kit: Reusable bag made of recycled paper, a Smudge Rekindle candle and matches, a tumbled mix of six small crystals that help channel purpose in a travel-friendly bag, a medium-sized raw sodalite crystal point, and a Smudge-exclusive 100% that witch enamel pin.

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