get right to the BIG point (OPPORTUNITY) -- green aventurine

get right to the BIG point (OPPORTUNITY) -- green aventurine

Perfect for ... your aunt who started a new business, a friend who is about to dive into the dating pool, or your boyfriend who is up for a new job at work.

Looking to get lucky? Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. Program it with one very specific intention and carry it when getting prepared for the day ahead. The perfect crystal to get those creative juices flowing for an upcoming brainstorming meeting or to help pick a first date outfit. It's the little help from the universe that may be all you need. This raw aventurine point has a raw base and a polished point -- a beautiful blend that deserves a spot on everybody's crystal table. 

Our large points are approximately 7 inches tall, although individual points may slightly vary due to their one-of-a-kind magic!