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Obsidian Pyramid
Obsidian Pyramid
Obsidian Pyramid
Obsidian Pyramid
Obsidian Pyramid
Obsidian Pyramid

Obsidian Pyramid

Price: $39.95


It’s not every day you encounter a crystal as dark, mysterious, and intense as obsidian. Don’t let its shadines fool you, this stone is a messenger of positivity! When sadness or anxiety start to cloud your thoughts, use this as a metaphysical vacuum cleaner. It is a powerful protector and is known for its ability to absorb the darkness, making room for light. Invite it to join you on extra tough days to help keep you grounded and promote healing both inside and out. 

A note about this crystal’s shape. A crystal pyramid is all about the base. It provides a strong foundation for your intentions, making it an ideal form for manifestations involving stability and balance. We love using pyramids as a guide for visualization exercises: write down a reality you wish to create for yourself and place it underneath it, sending your intention into the universe through its tip. 


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