Rock the Vote Spell

Rock the Vote Spell

The Smudge Wellness Rock the Vote Spell

Calling all members of the Smudge coven! Democracy is on the line this election. Never has it been more important to summon our collective strength and lift each other up. Power to the people, witches! Don’t f*ck this up.

Light: This election is about something bigger than us. To remind us of that, light the white sage to ground this spell in a moment of respect and compassion for the disenfranchised and the powerless. (Use a fireproof container to snuff it out when you are done.) Next, light the black candle and write down the negative things that you want your action to stop this November. Burn the paper, signifying the end of a bad situation and the start of something new. 

Fight: Place the Tiger’s Eye sphere, a knockout crystal combo of courage and strength, in front of you. Write down what the new beginning looks like to you and the specific steps you will take now until November 3rd to manifest your vision. Place your hands on the Tiger’s Eye to infuse its focusing energy within you and read aloud what you wrote. Hang your plan in a prominent place and repeat it every day while holding your sphere. Want to see your power multiply? Crowd source this step with friends.

Rock the Vote with All of Your Might: It’s not enough to simply check the box this year. Once you’re registered, make sure that everybody you know is, too. Host a ballot party to learn about your local and national candidates. Volunteer to be a poll worker or make calls to registered voters to make sure everybody’s vote gets to its destination on time. A good witch is a busy witch. Let’s get to it!   


Team Smudge